How to Edit Your Logo in Photoshop

Please click here on how to create your logo. Once you have you have your logo,  you can now start working on it in Photoshop. Since .jpeg file format does not support transparency background, it’s best to save all your files in .png format. 

Here’s how to edit or add more text in your logo (from cooltext) using Photoshop.

If you saved the logo in .png file format, then right click the file, find the “open with…” then choose Photoshop.  Or if you choose to download the logo in .psd file format, just click the Photoshop window to start editing.  Here’s how your logo will look like.

To copy paste another text to your logo (follow the instruction on how to create a logo), open the file in photoshop and make sure the file is in .png format to make sure that the background is transparent. 

Now, right click the layer in the "Layer Window" and choose "Duplicate Layer".

A new prompt will appear, click on the "Destination Document" then choose the name of your logo, then click “OK”.
Go back to your logo, you will see that the text was already copied there.  You can move it freely and put anywhere you want.
If you want to resize the text, just press CTRL+T (Window) or COMMAND+T (Mac) to transform. Once done, click the “Move Tool” and when asked click “Apply”. Your logo is now done and ready to be saved.
Now, saved your file as .png to make sure it has a transparent background. Click “Save As”, choose “PNG” then save it. When a prompt appear, just click “OK”. 

Your logo is now ready to be used! Please share if you find this useful.


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