Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Last Updated: September 21, 2017
The Bamboo Hanging Bridge which spans for almost 40-km. is located at Sevilla, Bohol.  If you want to experience crossing a bamboo bridge, make sure to ask your tour guide to stop here before going to Tagbilaran.  The bridge is made of bamboo and steel cables for more support.  It was originally made using bamboo and rope, but to give more support and safety, the rope is now made of cable steel. The deck of the bridge is made of woven bamboo slats and believe it or not, they are very sturdy.
Photo take in 2013
Photo take in 2016
Crossing the bridge for me is really fun and exciting because I was able to tease my friends. As we cross the bridge I tried swinging the bridge and imitating a jump so the deck is flexing and swaying, they got scared.  And of course, the bridge can’t stop me from doing a jump shot.
Photo take in 2013
Photo take in 2016
The bridge tends to bend when a lot of people are crossing all at the same, so if you don’t want to get scared, let them cross first.  Crossing the bridge gives you a good view of the Sipatan River. Unlike most rivers in Metro Manila, this one is clean, no garbage floating.
It used to be one bridge only, but now there are two.  One bridge is used to cross to the other side, and other one is to cross back. Entrance fee is Php20.00 per person and the income is used for the maintenance of the bridge.

When I went back in 2016 with my family, we're not charged maybe because it's late and the office is already closed. This time, we were able to buy some  pasalubong from the stores located on the other side of the bridge. Their prices are a lot cheaper when you buy in any pasalubong stores in the city.


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