Tubigon Church (San Isidro Labrador Parish Church)

Located in the heart of Tubigon is standing this old church, proudly and beautifully.  It caught my attention when we walk around the town's plaza to find food. The church was constructed in 1886 and its bell tower from 1928 to 1934. (Pictures were taken before the October 2013 earthquake)

On our way back to Cebu after 2 days of exploring Bohol, we went back to Tubigon to take a ferry.  We don't want longer travel in the ferry so we endured the almost 2 hours trip land from Tagbilaran to Tubigon. When we arrived at the ticket booth, we were told that the next rip is not until after 2 hours. 
We have no choice so we decided on waiting at the waiting shed in front of the park just before the church.  We take turn to eat  someone will be there to watch for our bags. We walk around the plaza to find a store and that's when I saw this church and took a couple of pictures.

I was really amazed at the arch that served as a gate going to the church. Another old church that was totally damaged by the October 2013 earthquake. To help rebuild Bohol's Churches, please visit www.rebuildboholchurches.org.


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