Aklan is another province in the Philippines that has become very popular because of it's pristine beauty. It's capital is Kalibo and home to the famous Boracay Island.
White Beach, Boracay Island
Historically, Aklan as one of the Islands of Panay was under the government of Datu Kalantiaw. Officially known as Rajah Bendaha Kalantiaw, a mythical Filipino character who believed to write the first legal code in the Philippines, called Code of Kalantiaw. 
Jawili Beach, Tangalan, Aklan
It was part of the curriculum when I was in elementary, but it was deleted in the Philippine history when one American historian proved this to be a hoax. In his study, it says that there's no Filipino ruler by the name of Kalantiaw ever existed nor that the code is older than 1914. The Code of Kalantiaw is no longer part of the standard Philippine history but the myth is still believed by Visayans.
Oldest church in Aklan, the St. Nepomucene Church
It's one of the provinces in the Philippines that was claimed for Spain by the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. It was called El Rio de Aclan during the early Spanish accounts. Aklan was part of Capiz but became independent in 1956. 
AFGA Rock Formations, Tangalan, Aklan
It's also the home of the late Cardinal Jaime Sin. The 30th Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila, known for his participation in the 1986 People Power Revolution and the 2001 EDSA Revolution. Cardinal Sin died of renal failure because of diabetes in 2005.
Jojo's Christmas Cottage, Sampaguita Gardens
Aklan, specifically Kalibo, is well-known for it's Ati-Atihan Festival celebrated every January concluding on the third Sunday in Kalibo Aklan in honor of the Sto. Nino.   It was first celebrated by the native as a pagan festival in honor of Anitos (Pagan Gods). It's now one of the popular festivals celebrated in the Philippines.
Ati-atihan Costume at Kalibo Airport
During the festival, people paint their bodies or faces in black and wear indigenous costumes and carry indigenous weapons to look like Aetas or Ati.  They then parade along the streets dancing tribal dances.  Ati-Atihan means “to be like Aetas”; the first settlers of the island. 

Aklan is one of the 7,000 plus island in the Philippines worth visiting for.


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