Boracay Island: World's 2nd Best Destination!

When one hears the word Boracay, the first thing that comes in mind is sugary and powdery white sand, then partying and relaxing. 
View from the Royal Park Hotel's Restaurant
Boracay is a small island in the province of Aklan, Philippines, known for its powder-like white sand and crystal-clear blue water.  It receives a lot of awards from travel publications and agencies. It has become very popular among locals and tourists. 
View from Starbuck's
Not only is the island famous for its beaches but also being one of the world's top destinations for relaxation and night life. I've been there only twice, and I can say that it really has become very popular, to the point that you'll think tourists live there already.
During the 80's, Boracay is popular for backpackers as best budget destination. In the 90's, it has become the best in the world and tourist flock there like migrating birds.  In 2012, it's reported to be world's 2nd best destination, after the Providenciales in Caicos Island.
Boracay got its name from a lot of origins, but for me, the most appropriate one is that it came from the word "Borac", which means white cotton. Its characteristic is the closest resemblance to the color and texture of the sand in the island.
Willy's Rock at Station 1
There are a lot of beaches in Boracay Island, but the most popular are the White Beach and Bulabog Beach. Tourists usually use the boat stations as reference for the White Beach. Boat Station 1 in the south, Boat Station 2 in the center and Boat Station 3 in the south.  Among the 3 stations, Station 1 is popular for its shore,  and station 3 for a night life. 
Rocks at Ilig-Iligan Beach
Shore at Carabao Island
During Habagat (Monsoon) season, the wind and the water in White Beach is not very safe for activities. Bulabog Beach on the other hand is perfect for activities during this season. It's because it's on the other side, not very fine sand but still white. It's more or less 15-minute walk from White Beach. Tricycle ride is more or less 10 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Planning on going to Boracay this summer? Below are the guides that might help you.

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There a lot of things to do in Boracay, you just have to have the money to spend and the will to be adventurous. 
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And when you have spare time, make sure to visit these interesting places while you're there.  
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Boracay Island is not only famous for its white sand, but also its food.  If you love food, this is the perfect destination for you. Here are some of the restaurants that you must try.  
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If you haven't booked a hotel yet, check the list of hotels per boat station. 
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