Marcos Museum & Mausoleum

This museum is just another place that shows how extravagant life of the Marcoses is.  It both serves as memorabilia storage and resting place of the former President Marcos.  Situated in the heart of Batac, his birthplace. 

Portrait of the young Ferdinand Marcos
Painting of the old President
Written by the former president before leaving to Hawaii
Unlike the other museums that show most of the family, or rather the wife's collections, this one is dedicated mostly to the late President. His paraphernalia from the time he was young to becoming a politician and even his death. A lot of people come here just to see the place and of course the preserved body of the late President. 
Some of the displays about the former President
The museum is a two-story was really over crowded when we visited, maybe because it's  a holiday.  The first thing you'll see when you enter is a wax figure of the late President. 

At the 2nd Floor, the first thing you'll see is his gold figure, not sure though if it's real gold.  I was never born yet when he was the President, so I just had a pictures with his wax & gold figures.  I kind of wish I was born then so I can know how he really was as a president, but was happy that I didn't because I don't want to through the terror of knowing what's happening around me.
Old radios & TV from his time that are still working
Bags and other accessories used by the late president
Of course, it's not a complete Marcos museum if some of the things belongs to the wife are not displayed, she's the first lady, anyway.  I never had the chance to check if the dresses displayed there were wore by her or not.
Some of the dresses of Imelda Marcos
Beside the museum  is the building with a glass-encased coffin containing the embalmed body of the former president. It is open for public to view but taking pictures is not allowed.  Although, there are others that can't help themselves but sneak a shot.
The mausoleum where the body of the late president is displayed
 Marcos Mausoleum
This is a worth reading, posted just outside the mausoleum. Please click here to read
It's worth going there, but I will never do it again.  It's kind of disturbing for me to see someone who's supposed to be resting is lying there for public viewing. Though there's a rumor that it's just a wax and the real body is buried somewhere. 

Located at Valdez, Batac, Ilocos Norte. Viewing hours are from Mon-Sun. 9am-12nn & 1pm-4pmEntrance fee is Php50.00 with special discount for students & senor citizens.


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