Where to Eat in Sagada?

Sagada, just the other natives, has a traditional way of preserving their meat, and it's called "Etag".
also spelled as itag in IIocano a.k.a. innasin

Etag is the general term used in Cordillera about the native’s traditional way or preserving meat. A slab of a big slice of meat is cured in salt for about a week (or longer) then air-dried under the sun or smoked for several weeks (even months), or both. Though any kind of wood will do the smoking, the Igorots would prefer to use the wood from a tree they called alnos as it would emit pleasant smoke and add aromatic smoky flavor to the meat. If alnos is not available, wood and leaves of guava tree is said to be a good substitute.

For the locals, the longer the etag is cured in salt and air-dried, the more it is tasty, flavorful, and expensive when sold in the market. The meat would turn darker and darker in color over long time of aging process.

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How to Help Someone with Depression & Anxiety?

When a spouse, family member, or friend suffers from depression, your support and encouragement can play an important role in their recovery. You can help them to cope with depressions symptoms, overcome negative thoughts, and regain their energy, optimism, and enjoyment of life. However, your loved one’s depression can also wear you down if you neglect your own needs. These guidelines can help you support a depressed person in their recovery while maintaining your own emotional equilibrium.


The national government announced an Enhanced Community Quarantine last March 16 to strictly implement the stay at home directive. While majority has followed, there is still a need to: 
  • Constantly remind people of what we all need to do to keep COVID-19 from spreading
  • Explain to the people why we all need to practice DOH-prescribed health behaviors 

  • Equip the general public with knowledge on how to protect themselves and their families
  • Explain to the people the WHYs of measures being implemented by the government
  • Increase the cooperation of the people to measures being prescribed by the DOH
In this regard, we would like to seek the help of each and everyone to assist the DOH in disseminating accurate and relevant information and encourage your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors to conform with the prescribed health behaviors of the agency.
Huwag po muna tayong maging pasaway, dahil buhay po ang nakasalalay.  Ipakita natin na kay nating magbayanihan sa panahon ng pangangailangan.

Kung kayo po ay may mga katanungan pumunta lamang sa www.doh.gov.ph or sa facebook page ng DOH.
Call-to-Action to do their part in preventing the spread of virus:

Let’s do our part so the virus doesn’t spread.

Kahit hindi tayo healthcare worker, meron tayong magagawa para makatulong na tumigil ang pag-spread ng COVID-19. Wag na po nating paabutin ng 1,000 ang dami ng COVID-positive patients sa bansa.

Ito po ang mga dapat nating gawin:
1. TUMIGIL SA BAHAY. Kung hindi naman po emergency ang inyong sadya, manatili na lang po tayo sa bahay. May mga tao po na walang choice kundi magtrabaho para tao ay manatiling ligtas. Ipakita natin sa kanila ang ating suporta sa pag stay sa bahay. Hindi tayo dadagdag sa aalagaan nila.  
Lahat tayo ay gusto ng matapos itong COVID-19 health situation ng ating bansa. 
Para ito ay mangyari, kailangan nating manatili sa bahay. Hindi lang po sarili natin ang nililigtas natin pag tayo ay nanatili sa bahay, pati din po ang ating pamilya, kabarkada at kapitbahay.

Tandaan, sa sakripisyo ninyo meron kayong buhay na maliligtas. Sa bahay na lang muna tayo ngayon.

Kung kayo po ay may mga katanungan pumunta lamang sa www.doh.gov.ph or sa facebook page ng DOH.
2. SOCIAL DISTANCING. Keep your distance, 1 metro dapat. Please practice social distancing, yung mala mula braso hangang daliri, para makutulong tayo sa pag sugbo ng virus. Kung walang kakapitan, ang virus po ay kusang mamatay.

Kung kayo po ay may mga katanungan pumunta lamang sa www.doh.gov.ph or sa facebook page ng DOH.
3. PALAGING UGALIING MAGHUGAS NG KAMAY. Bakit hindi nating gawing bisyo ang paghuhugas ng kamay? Luminis na ang inyong kamay, nakaiwas pa kayo sa sakit. At kung maaari po, gawin na ring nating bisyo ang pag cover sa bibig kapag uubo, or babahing. Huwag hawakan ang inyong bibig, ilong, tenga, at mata.
Hindi po madaling gawin pero, pag sama-sama tayo, kaya natin ito.
Shout out sa lahat ng ating mga frontliners -- – mga health workers, security guards, employees sa grocery, delivery guys, etc. Huwag natin sayangin ang sakripisyo nila.
Kung kayo po ay may mga katanungan pumunta lamang sa www.doh.gov.ph or sa facebook page ng DOH.
#BeatCovid19 #COVID19PH #BahayMunaBuhayMuna
At aking hiling lang po at pakiusap, huwag na po tayong sumama sa mga taong nag bibigay ng pangamba sa mga tao sa pagkakalat ng mga hindi makatotohanang balita. Let's all be responsible and just help each other. Malalagpasan po natin ito.
#BeatCovid19 #COVID19PH #BahayMunaBuhayMuna

Kung kayo po ay may mga katanungan pumunta lamang sa www.doh.gov.ph or sa facebook page ng DOH.

#BeatCovid19 #COVID19PH

Please do your 
share, we'll get over this soon!


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