We Filipinos love celebrations and festivities. Whenever there's a chance to throw a party, we would. One of the most extravagant and popular forms of celebrations is the festivals or what popularly known as "fiestas". 
Masskara - Bacolod City
Contrary to what everyone believes, Filipinos are already celebrating festivals even before the Spanish colonization. Filipinos practiced animism, or the worship of spirits, which involved performing ceremonies intended to appease malevolent spirits. These spirits are believed to control parts of human life, such as health, wealth, family, and subsistence. To ward off misfortunes and gratify these spirits, ritual offerings are regularly made by the locals.
Kadayawan - Davao City
It was only made grand and more festive when the Spaniards came and used festivals in spreading Christianity throughout the country. They created fiestas to gradually persuade population to convert to Roman Catholic faith. Almost all of the barrios and towns had a patron saint assigned to them and they celebrate fiestas according to the patron's birth date.
Ati-atihan - Kalibo
Festivals in the Philippines, however, are not just limited to Christian origins. Many of them are also focused on Islamic or indigenous concept. Because of the many festivals in the Philippines, which is more than 42,000, the country was dubbed as the Capital of the World's Festivities. 
Kadayawan - Davao City
When I was young, I never understood the concept of fiesta. Why people spend the little money they have to buy and cook food for people they don't even know. My father will cook so much food a night before and then invite people to come and eat on the day of the Fiesta. Now, I understand!
Pahiyas - Lucban, Quezon
Whatever the economic or household or rather financial situation is, the celebration must go on. The fiesta are usually marked with people garbed in elaborate costumes, overflowing food and drinks, fluvial parades, processions, competitions, and many more.
Panagbenga - Baguio City
Whether you like festivals or not, you might still find it interesting. Here are the complete list of all the Festivals in the Philippines:


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