10 Must See Attractions in Tayabas, Quezon Province!

Updated: October 19, 2016
A home for the finest Lambanog (local alcoholic drink) in the country was a former capital of Quezon Province. The city is known for its sweet delicacies, heritage houses, historical landmarks and tourism resorts. It’s named City of Festivals because of its wonderful and colorful festivals.

Mi Casa En Tayabas

Just a few minutes walk from Casa Comunidad is the Mi Casa en Tayabas.  I've read a lot of good reviews about this hotel so I wanted to see it for myself.  I'm not sure if they have guests at the time I went there, but I didn't see anyone.

Casa Comunidad de Tayabas

Not far from the church is this centuries-old building. I decided to walk from the church going to the market, hoping to see some of the old houses that are still standing when I saw this building.  At first, I thought it’s an old house so I started taking pictures. But when I saw the arc at the entrance that reads “Mayohan sa Tayabas”, I know then that it’s must be important part of the town’s history.

Tayabas Basilica (Minor Basilica of Saint Michael Archangel)

This is considered one of the oldest and biggest churches in the country.  Renowned for the having the shape of a key, its aisle is considered the longest in the country. This church was originally established in 1578 and has a lot of renovations, reconstructions and expansions. The church as it stands now was completed in 1894.

11 Must See Attractions in Lucban, Quezon Province!

I’ve been to Lucban once before, when my family and I visited the Kamay ni Hesus shrine.  However, it never came to my mind that there are other places we can see in this town so I promised to come back. 

Lucban Church (Church of Saint Louis, Bishop of Toulouse)

This church is one of the oldest churches in the country. Like many of the old churches this one also suffered a lot – from natural disasters to world wars.

Lucban Municipal Hall

This is located just a few minutes walk from the church. I was just exploring the streets when I saw this building.  Not much to see but still worth visiting. You'll never know, time might come and you need to do things here.

Eker and Ely Lukban Langgonisa and Pasalubong

This pasalubong store is located just after the native products stores. They are also well known for their longganisa (local version of chorizo).  When I asked some locals where to buy longganisa, they told me to go to Eker.

Batis Aramin Resort & Hotel

Situated at the foot of Mount Banahaw across the Kamay ni Hesus is the Batis Aramin. A family owned property converted into a resort that offers accommodation and outdoor activities.

4 Must See Attractiions in Lucena City, Quezon Province: A City That's Close to My Heart!

City of Lucena, the capital of the province is the first town on my list to visit in Quezon Province.  Not much to see here, but still, it’s one of the places I wanted to explore ever since I can't remember when.  How can I not be interested in this city when we always pass by here every time we go home to Marinduque?  Here is where the port, Talao-Talao Port in Dalahican going to Marinduque is located.

Quezon Adventure Hotel, Resort and Restaurant (First Quezon Premier Hotel)

This hotel is easy to spot because of the unique arch with a dinosaur beside it.  When I first saw the arch, I thought it’s an animal park not a hotel. You might think the hotel is the building behind the Sioland Starshop, but it’s not.  You have to walk pass by that building to get to the main location.

Queen Margarette Hotel

Queen Margarette Hotel is the only big hotel in Southern Tagalog that caters to seminars, weddings, and other big events. It can't be compared to other 5-Star hotels in Manila, but it's popular in that region.

Bubbles Crispy Pata & Restaurant

One of the reasons I want to come back to Lucena is this restaurant.  I want to try more of their food!

Message to My People: A Letter Written by Former President Manuel L. Quezon

My fellow citizens there is one thought which I want you to have in mind. And that is that you are Filipinos, that the Philippines, is your country and the only country God has given you: that you must keep it for yourselves, for your children, and your children's children, until the world is no more and that you must live for it and die for it, if necessary.

Quezon Provincial Capitol

Formely known as Tayabas Provincial Capitol (still has this name on the building) is located at the very center of Lucena City and known to the Lucenahin as just the Kapitolyo.
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