A cup of coffee...

A cup of coffee can do a lot of things to you.  It will ease your mind, relax your body, satisfy your cravings, give you comfort and keep you alive and awake at night. It’s been my best buddy ever since and I actually can’t live a day without a cup or two of coffee. 

Coffee has been a popular subject for studies, but the results varied in terms of its benefits.  It helps fight aging, cure headache and the best part, help you live longer. Though the latter finding still needs further study.
Food that goes perfect with coffee
Of course if coffee has a lot of health benefits, it also has harmful benefits. Coffee along with chocolates, nuts and other processed food can cause Mastalgia (for women), the breast pain before or during monthly period.  I was advised by the doctor to stop drinking coffee to avoid this pain, and I told him, "Doc, just kill me!".  So he said I can drink coffee but should be decaffeinated. But because I'm a coffee addict, I still drink my coffee (not decaf) and just bear with the pain!

I like my coffee brewed (I do it myself), or just an instant 3-in-1 coffee mix, it really doesn’t matter.  Other people liked their coffee iced, but I prefer it hot.  I'd rather drink juice if I have to drink  iced-coffee.  I believed that coffee should be drunk hot and not iced. 

How about you? Are you a coffee addict like me? How would you like your coffee and what does it do to you...?

Kinabuchs Grill & Restaurant

We originally wanted to go to Badjao Seafront Restaurant, but we've heard there are lots of mosquitoes there so we ended up here.  Kinabuchs is accessible via a tricycle or just by walking depends on where you located.  It's usually crowded, so you have to wait for a while to be seated.
Crocodile Sisig
And now the final challenge begins.  Since we are in Puerto Princesa and it's known for their Crocodile Sisig and the Tamilok, we really have to try these.  We are not really that adventurous so we had the deep fried Tamilok and of course the Crocodile Sisig.  Tamilok is often confused as worm, but it's not.  It's actually a mollusk that fall into the category of a squid.  But it should not be described it as Mangrove worms but mollusk or something pleasant.  For me, worm has a distasteful meaning for a local delicacy.
Deep-fried Tamilok
Anyway, even though it's deep fried I only tasted it, but never actually like it.  And after seeing the crocodiles as they swam at the Crocodile Farm, I never enjoyed the Crocodile Sisig either.  I don't know how I am supposed to eat an endangered species that they are trying to preserve. 

Address: 348 Rizal Avenue, Bancao Bancao, Puerto Princesa City
How to get there: Ride a tricycle from anywhere in Puerto Princesa and ask the driver to bring you to Kinabuch's.  Fare is Php8.00 per person or Php50.00 per trip. 
Phone#: +63(48)434-5195

Honda Bay

Last day of our adventure and of course, we saved the best for last, the island hopping! Make sure to leave as early as possible to truly enjoy your island hopping. There are lots of islands here that you would want to visit.  
Well, since we still in a tour, there are only 2 islands that we were able to see.  But I’m very content with that because that was the first time I enjoyed snorkeling, though they said, it’s nothing compare to Coron.  I will see that for myself, next time Coron! 
Cowrie Island is named after a small-to-large sea snail, marine gastropod mollusk they call "cowrie". It is the nearest of all the islands here from the wharf at Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa.  It’s very ideal for picnic or just basking under the sun. It’s best for snorkeling also, though it gets very crowded.
Cool pictures with special effect taken by one of the locals
StarFish Island,  as the name signifies, you can see lots of starfish in this island. Unlike Cowrie Island, the cottages here are limited.  I was really amazed how close you can get with the starfish.
Address: Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa
How to get there:  Ride a tricycle going to Sta. Lourdes Port.  Fare is Php300.00-Php500.00 drop-off and pick-up. Travel time takes 45 minutes to an hour. Pay the Php18.00 Terminal Fee and then book for a boat. Boat fare ranges from Php1,300.00 to Php1,500.00 for 6 people or Php220.00 to Php250.00 for additional passenger.
What to bring: A change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, mosquito spray, snorkeling equipment, if you have your own.  Or ask the tricycle driver to drop you off at the nearest rental store.
Entrance Fee: It depends on the island you're going to visit.

Elephant Cave and Karst Mountain

This is really an amazing view and very fresh to the eyes.  The combination of the Rocks and the rice fields will give you a crisp and clean view.  It’s really amazing how beautiful the Mother Nature is. I was glad we stopped here and took few pictures. 

At the right side from the road is the view of Mt. Cleopatra.  As of now, the mountain is still explored and mapped out and people are not allowed to enter yet.  However, when the time comes and entry is allowed, this will be a very good site for mountaineers and the like. Located just beside the road and along the way from the Underground River.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The declaration of the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan as one of the new 7 Wonders of the Nature really increases the visitors in the area. It was also reputed as the longest underground river in the world. It’s navigable by boat up to 4.3 km.
Clear water at the loading area

To conserve the current value of the underground river, the management has set a maximum of 900 visitors per day only. A "No Permit, No Entry" policy is also strictly enforced.  The park is open all year round, but it's advisable to plan your trip and book in advance to avoid inconvenience.
What amazes me most when I first saw the place, was the clear blue-green water that passes through the cave.  I was really excited to see this river, but the boats and tour guides are limited so we had to wait for our turn. You won't mind waiting for your turn because there are other things you can do while waiting.  You just have to be fun and creative :)
My excitement vanished, though, when we started navigating because I feel claustrophobic.  It's really dark and you won't know where you are going and what will happen.  There's only one spot light guiding us through but it's not enough.  
Rock formations inside the underground river
Other guest navigating the Underground River
The tour guide is kind of funny but I don't like it when he creates a sound under the water using his paddle.  I feel like something will come from water and devour us. He showed us all the rock formations that can be seen inside the cave and told us the names of them.  It's kind of educational but I know they just made up with those names.
Rock formations inside the underground river
Navigating the Underground River is a really must do when you visit Puerto Princesa.  It’s a great experience and made you think of how precious life is. It made me realize that what you really can’t see scares you most.  I was so glad when we finished and headed out and saw the light peeking though.  Finally, I can see the sun again!
Traveling here is really not a joke because it’s really far from the town proper. You won’t be bored though because there are lots of beautiful views along the road.  Aside from a long trip from the town proper, it’s also a long trip via boat going to the river. Make sure to come here in the morning, as the waves tend to get bigger in the afternoon.  There’s a schedule of trip also, so you really have to wait.  Don’t worry; the view at Sabang Port is really beautiful so you won’t be bored.
Beautiful rock formations along the way to underground river
Be very watchful and careful because there are lots of naughty monkeys here.  I’ve heard that they actually snatch things from tourists and ran. 
Wild monkeys roaming around the park
One more thing, Underground River staff will take pictures of you as soon as you stepped out of the boat, but it's not for free.  You can either buy a copy or just leave it there.The price is Php250.00 per copy. We decided to just get 1 copy and had it scanned at work so we can all have a copy.
Picture taken by the staff...price is Php250.00
This really is a must see when you get the chance to visit Puerto Princesa!

Address: Booking Office, No. 350 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa (located just 10 minutes from the airport)
Phone: +63(48)723-2563/+63(48)434-2509
How to get there:  From downtown proper, ride a public utility jeep, bus or air-conditioned van going to Sabang Port.  It takes one and a half hours of travel.  Fare is Php140.00 (Local) & Php200.00 (Foreign). From Sabang port, it takes 20 minutes via ferry going to the beach area near the cave entrance. From the beach, it takes 5 minutes walk through the forest to get to the loading area.
General Entrance Fee(s): Php100.00 (Adult); Php75.00 (Minor) for Local Tourists. Php150.00 (Adult); Php100.00 (Minor) for International tourists.
*Includes sightseeing, jungle trail, bird watching, snorkeling and spelunking.
Tour Entrance Fee(s): Php175.00 (Adult); Php100.00 (Minor) for Local tourists. Php250.00 (Adult); Php150.00 (Minor) for International Tourists.
*Senior citizens and minors 17 yrs old and are exempted from the tour entrance fee. Children 2 yrs and below are not allowed for the underground river tour.  
Other Points of Interest: Wonder of Nature, Jungle Trekking, Wildlife Watching, Mangrove Forest Tour, White Sand Beaches and Ethnographic Museum.
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