A cup of coffee...

A cup of coffee can do a lot of things to you.  It will ease your mind, relax your body, satisfy your cravings, give you comfort and keep you alive and awake at night. It’s been my best buddy ever since and I actually can’t live a day without a cup or two of coffee. 

Coffee has been a popular subject for studies, but the results varied in terms of its benefits.  It helps fight aging, cure headache and the best part, help you live longer. Though the latter finding still needs further study.
Food that goes perfect with coffee
Of course if coffee has a lot of health benefits, it also has harmful benefits. Coffee along with chocolates, nuts and other processed food can cause Mastalgia (for women), the breast pain before or during monthly period.  I was advised by the doctor to stop drinking coffee to avoid this pain, and I told him, "Doc, just kill me!".  So he said I can drink coffee but should be decaffeinated. But because I'm a coffee addict, I still drink my coffee (not decaf) and just bear with the pain!

I like my coffee brewed (I do it myself), or just an instant 3-in-1 coffee mix, it really doesn’t matter.  Other people liked their coffee iced, but I prefer it hot.  I'd rather drink juice if I have to drink  iced-coffee.  I believed that coffee should be drunk hot and not iced. 

How about you? Are you a coffee addict like me? How would you like your coffee and what does it do to you...?


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