Puerto Princesa: Underground Beauty!

Puerto Princesa, even though located in Palawan, is not controlled by the province and considered an independent area within Palawan.  It was dubbed as the greenest and cleanest city in the Philippines.

It was also recognized by the government as one of the most beautiful towns in the country.  They also said this is the safest city in the country.  You can walk at night without the fear of being mugged or robbed. Because of these, Puerto Princesa gained the distinction of being a model city.
Some people believed that Puerto Princesa got its name from a princess-like maiden that roamed around the place in certain nights of year. Other people believed that it’s named Puerto Princesa because of the geographical advantages of the place as a seaport.

It is naturally protected and endowed with a depth that can accommodate any size of shipping; a royal haven for vessels and virtual princess of ports.
Historically, it was named after Princess Asuncion when she died from illness.  The Queen named it to Puerto de la Princesa and later on became Puerto Princesa. 
Puerto Princesa is one my favorite provinces in the country. People are nice and honest. Streets are clean and safe even walking late at night. I’ll go back there…very soon.


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