Luggage Storage Service at the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal

Another option for a luggage storage service is the one at the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal. If  there are no available lockers at the Citygate Outlets, then head to the nearest cable car station to leave your stuff there. It's a bit expensive, though, compare to the one at the Citygate Outlets.

Self-Service Lockers at the Citygate Outlets

Want a luggage-free day while exploring Hong Kong as soon as you arrive? During our trip to Hong Kong, we have the perfect time of arrival and departure. We will arrive in Hong Kong at 7:10 am and since we're already near Ngong Ping, we decided on going there directly from the airport.
We don't want to bring our luggage going to Ngong Ping so I have searched for storage services in Hong Kong.

Citygate Outlets Self-Service Lockers User Guide (Pick-up)

When we deposited our luggage no one was there, but when we got back to claim it, there's a long line of people waiting for an empty locker. We were excited to go to Ngong Ping that we didn't pay attention on the instruction on how to pick-up. So when we got back, we had to rush since there's a long line.

Citygate Outlets Self-Service Lockers User Guide (Deposit)

For first timers like us, who didn't know how to use a self-service lockers, here's the guide. It's very useful if you are planning on exploring the tourists attractions near Hong Kong International Airport. To get to the Citygate Outlets' Self-Service Lockers, please click here.
As soon as you enter the area, read the instruction carefully. We were able to do it the 2nd time we tried. 

Sariaya, Quezon

The last town on my list when I visited Quezon Province is Sariaya. From Tayabas, I went back to the hotel to check-out then head to Sariaya. I decided on exploring this town last because I can easily get on the bus from there going to the port.

Hong Kong Arrival Procedure

Going to other countries always make us so excited but at the same time be very careful. No one wants so get in trouble when you're not in your home country with no friends or family to help you when you encounter a problem.

How to Get Out of Hong Kong International Airport?
Hong Kong is one of the countries that has a very convenient and reliable means of transportation. You won't have any problems getting out of the airport after you passed through customs.
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