How to Create your Own Logo Using Cooltext

Before you start, make sure to check the width of your entire blog. You can do that by going to your dashboard, then click on “Template>>Customize>>Adjust Widths", then click “Back to Blogger”.

To create your own logo, you can either use Photoshop, or if you are not very familiar with it, you can just go to this website There are a lot of designs you can choose from on this website. Follow the steps below on how to create logo in cooltext.

Once you are in their site, you can choose any design you want. For this blog, I choose the  "Iceberg" design as shown below.
Note: when you change the design, it will reset everything

When directed to a new window, type-in your text in the “Logo Text” box, then select the font, size, color, opacity and the pattern for your background. You can also change the shadow's type, color and opacity.  The alignment and measurement of your logo.  Here's where you need to input the size of your blog.

Once satisfied with how it looks, you can now download your logo. If you want to add more texts or images later on to your logo, choose the file format .PSD (Photoshop w/Layers).  If not, then the  file format PNG w/Transparency, then click create logo.

You will now be directed to the a new window, where you can either download or edit your logo. If you choose to download the logo, it will automatically open in Photoshop with layer.
You can always go back to the site if you want to create more texts
I hope you find this somewhat easy and useful.

How to Change the Height and Width of your Images in Blogger?

When you upload an image to your blog, you will only find 4 options to change the size of your image; Small, Medium, Large & Original size. No other options offered to change the size of the image.  

What if you want to change the size of your images to your own liking? Here's how you can: 
1.  Log-in to Blogger-->Dashboard-->Pages or Posts-->Edit the post where you want to change the size of the image. (See sample below).  
2.  On the “Edit” window, click HTML then find the size of the image and change it.    
Tip: If you are having a hard time finding the size of your images, try searching for it if you now the file name.  Or you can find keyword near the image, and then press Command+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows) and search for it.  
3. Once done, click the “Compose” button to check if the changes are acceptable. If satisfied, click “Update” button if published or “Save” if your page is not yet published.    
*This is how the image on my post looked like when viewed.

You can always change the size if you are not happy with it.  
If you find this helpful, please follow and share. You can contact me for any comments or suggestions. :)


Zambales, is the second largest among the seven provinces of Central Luzon, Philippines. The Freeport Zone (SBMA) that hosts to many tourist attractions such as casinos, beach resorts, parks, beach side huts and cottages and historical sites is located there. Iba, one of earliest towns founded is its capital due to its strategic location.

How to Change your Blog's Header/Logo

Please click here on how to create your logo and click here on how to edit it in Photoshop.

Now that you have your logo, it’s time to apply it to your blog
Go to your blog’s dashboard>>click Layout>>Edit (Blog’s Header/Logo).

A configure header’s window will show. Download your logo, mark “Instead of title and desription”, tick mark “Shrink to Fit” then click “Save”.  To make sure all changes you've made in your blog will be applied, click “Save Arrangement”.
This is how it will look like after you upload your logo. Choose how you want the logo to be placed then click "Save".

You’re done! You now have your personalized header for your blog.

If you find this helpful, please follow and share. You can contact me for any comments or suggestions.

How to Edit Your Logo in Photoshop

Please click here on how to create your logo. Once you have you have your logo,  you can now start working on it in Photoshop. Since .jpeg file format does not support transparency background, it’s best to save all your files in .png format. 

Here’s how to edit or add more text in your logo (from cooltext) using Photoshop.

If you saved the logo in .png file format, then right click the file, find the “open with…” then choose Photoshop.  Or if you choose to download the logo in .psd file format, just click the Photoshop window to start editing.  Here’s how your logo will look like.

To copy paste another text to your logo (follow the instruction on how to create a logo), open the file in photoshop and make sure the file is in .png format to make sure that the background is transparent. 

Now, right click the layer in the "Layer Window" and choose "Duplicate Layer".

A new prompt will appear, click on the "Destination Document" then choose the name of your logo, then click “OK”.
Go back to your logo, you will see that the text was already copied there.  You can move it freely and put anywhere you want.
If you want to resize the text, just press CTRL+T (Window) or COMMAND+T (Mac) to transform. Once done, click the “Move Tool” and when asked click “Apply”. Your logo is now done and ready to be saved.
Now, saved your file as .png to make sure it has a transparent background. Click “Save As”, choose “PNG” then save it. When a prompt appear, just click “OK”. 

Your logo is now ready to be used! Please share if you find this useful.

How to Make Your Blog Looks Like a Website?

To those who are just starting to blog and do not want to pay for the hosting and domain yet, this is very helpful.  I know it's not much but at least you will be able to play around before you spend.

I have made a lot of searches to find the best way to make my blog looks like a website, and with the trials and errors using different blogs, I have come up with these simple steps:

1. Create, design and improve a new page that you will set as your new main page.  Make sure that the number of posts per page is set to 1.  To set the number of posts per page, go to your dashboard, click Layout>> Edit at the bottom-right of "Blog Posts".

2. When a new window appears, set the number of posts to 1 and then "Save".  Click "Save Arrangement" just to make sure all your changes will be saved.

3. Go to "Settings" => “Search Preference".

4. Click "New Redirect" on the "Custom Directs". You'll be given an option here to redirect your main page to a new one.
5. On the blank box beside "From", type in /. Input the URL of your new homepage at the blank box beside "To".  On the blank box beside "From", type in /. Input the URL of your new homepage at the blank box beside "To".
6. Open your published new home page, then copy  the specific page address, as shown below (highlighted) then go back to your settings and paste it in the box beside "To".
It will look like this now. Click "Save" then "Save Changes".  You are almost done!
Now, the last thing you need to do is to hide the blogger's default homepage. Click on the "Layout" again. Then edit your "Home" navigation.
At the pages to show, unchecked the blogger's default home page then click save.
When you open your blog, viola! You now have your personalized main page.

If you find this helpful, please follow and share. For any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Anawangin Island: Summer Escapade!

The town of San Antonio is becoming very popular because of the beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and untouched island coves. No marks of this town being a hunting ground for indigenous hunters.  San Antonio was a hunting region where indigenous hunters from different towns would hunt and gather. 

Capones Island: Swimmer's Haven!

Capones Island is located in the town of San Antonio, Zambales.  This island is well known for the old lighthouse that was built with just bare hand during the Spanish era.  I never had a chance to see this lighthouse when we get there, but I heard that it has an old dramatic and cinematic image over the cliffs.

My First Out of the Country Trp: Surviving Brunei Darussalam

Coming soon...

Tagaytay: Cool Days!

Coming soon...

Laiya, Batangas: Home Away from Home

Coming soon...
The closest beaches to Manila that you can visit are located in Batangas.  The best one is located at Laiya, Batangas.



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