How to Get to Capones & Anawangin Islands, Zambales?

San Antonio, Zambales is a 4-5 hour travel from Manila.  One of the buses that operates from Manila to Zambales is Victory Liner.  They have terminals in Pasay, Manila, Cubao, Kamias and Caloocan.

Victory Liner
Caloocan: (632)361-1506 | (632)361-4665 to 66
Kamias: (632)920-8396 
Cubao: (632)727-4688 | (632)410-8986 | (632)727-4534
Manila: (632)559-7735
Please visit their website for schedule of trips and the fares:

1. Buses with Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales signboard is the best way to get to San Antonio. If you miss these buses, you can also take the bus going to Olongapo, though you still have to travel via another bus for an hour going to San Antonio to take you to Pundaquit.

2. Upon arriving at San Antonio, ask for the tourist booth/office where you need to register. It's near a police station the last time we went there. This is for safety reason, since there are no ways of communication in the island.  This was in 2008 so I don't know if this has changed already. This is also the last town you are going to pass by with big convenience stores, so best to buy all what you need here.

3. Once ready to go, hire a tricycle going to Pundaquit for the boat ride.  Fare is Php100.00 per trip, but you can still haggle.  
There are lots of boats for hire when you arrive at Pundaquit.  Rate for boat ride ranges from php2, 000 to Php3, 000, depends on the capacity.  The fare is per trip so best to go there in a group or ask other groups if you can join them. Or if you are willing to take a normalfishing boat, like what we did, the rate is only Php1, 500. Though, it's kind of scary because it stopped in the middle of the sea. We have a life vest, but it's still scary.

Sailing time from Pundaquit to Capones is less than half an hour from Anawangin, depends on the waves.  Make sure to schedule your pick-up time withe boatman since you won't be able to contact him. If you rather want to go to Capones directly, you just have to tell the boatman.

I've been there twice, and I still love it! Though, it's been a long time since my last visit so I'm not sure if the islands are still the same. I'm hoping that people clean after them and take care the one the of the country's treasures!


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