Sta Cruz. Church

This church is the oldest church in the province, built in 1714.  Located in the biggest town, proudly stands this centuries old church. The church was renovated except for the bell tower and the altar.

Boac Cathedral (Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral)

Located in Brgy. Mataas na Bayan, Boac it is a historical church where the Katipunan Flag is said to have been baptized.  The church was constructed in 1580 and completed in 1792.

Moriones Festival

Marinduque is well known for the Moriones Festival, celebrated every Semana Santa.  This festival is the way of remembering how Jesus Christ died and resurrected.

DBR Grill

Located just beside the Dumaluan Beach Resort is this grill which offer fresh seafood and meat that can be cooked the way you want them.  This is said to be the cheapest restaurant in all of Panglao, though I can't compare because we didn't try the others.  But based on the number of people that eat here, it's probably true.

Bohol Bee Farm

Last Updated: November 9, 2017
It's been raining the whole time we stayed in Bohol so when we arrived at the farm, it has this very relaxing, fresh and cozy atmosphere.  Growing up in the province, it's very nostalgic for me.

How to Get to Bohol from Cebu?

Cebu and Bohol are one of the neighboring provinces in the Philippines that can be reached via fast ferries & slow ferries (RoRo). If you get tired of the tourist attractions in Cebu, you can go to Bohol for a city tour or an island tour. It only takes an hour to 4 hours, depending on which port and ferries you want to take. If Cebu has 4 piers, Bohol only has two, Tubigon Port and Tagbilaran Port.

List of Hotels in Bohol, Philippines

Please find below the list of accommodations in Bohol, Philippines. This is just a list and does not guarantee the current room rates, addresses, contact numbers and quality of service of the hotels. It is advisable that you do a full and thorough research about a specific hotel before booking.


Amun ini Beach Resort & Spa
Address: Bas Dako Beach, Candabong, 6311 Anda, Bohol, Philippines

Phone#: +63(38)510-6230
Mobile#: +63(917)796-5412 | +63(939 90 34 536)

For latest reviews and current rates, please click here.

Summit Circle Hotel Cebu

We were not able to get a flight directly from Bohol to Manila so we went back to Cebu to go back to Manila. We were supposed to stay the night again at Sampaguita Suites but since our friend, who supposed to come with us booked at Summit Circle Hotel, we just stayed there.

Panglao Church (St. Augustine Church)

This is the 2nd oldest church in the island of Panglao and probably the least visited.  However, this church, same as the Dauis church also has unique feature, they both have murals on the ceiling. The constructed started in 1894 and completed in the 1920's.

Dauis Church (Church of Our Lady of the Assumption)

Located not far from the bridge that connects Panglao and Bohol is this another old and beautiful church. This is the only church I've seen with a well at the foot of the altar. The church was constructed in 1863 and completed in the early 1920's.

Dumaluan Beach Resort

Dumaluan Beach Resort used to be just a family weekend getaway resort with only a nipa hut cottage as the accommodation.  However, when the friends of the family start coming, they built more cottages to accommodate them.

Dumaluan Beach

There are a lot of beaches in Panglao Island but the most popular are the Alona Beach and the Dumaluan Beach.  Alona Beach is  the most developed and most beautiful beaches in Panglao. 

National Museum Bohol Branch

Bohol Museum is one of the places you must see when you visit Bohol.  It's the former President Carlos P. Garcia's home, located in the heart of Tagbilaran City.

Baclayon Church (La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church)

Last Updated: November 7, 2017
Old Churches is one of the reasons why I wanted to visit Bohol.  I've been to Ilocos and I've seen some of the old churches there, so I searched for other province that have many old churches, and Bohol is one of them. La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church or Baclayon Church, also called The Immaculate Concepcion of the Virgin May Parish Church is one of the oldest churches in the country. 

List of Hotels in Mactan Island & Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

Please find below the list of accommodations in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines. This is just a list and does not guarantee the current room rates, addresses, contact numbers and quality of service of the hotels. It is advisable that you do a full and thorough research about a specific hotel before booking. 

Alta Cebu Resort 

Address: Tugbungan, Pilipog, Cordova, Cebu

Phone#: +63(32)496-7052 | +63(32)496-7399

Mobile#: +63(923)748-8033

Cebu Heritage Monument

Also called Parian Monument, depicts the important moments in history of Cebu. It's a big artwork with everything in it. From the time the rajah of Cebu was converted into Christian up to the time Pedro Calungsod, native of Cebu, became a saint.

List of Hotels in Cebu City, Philippines

Please find below the list of accommodations in Cebu City, Philippines. This is just a list and does not guarantee the current room rates, addresses, contact numbers and quality of service of the hotels. It is advisable that you do a full and thorough research about a specific hotel before booking.

Alba Uno Residencia

Address: Villa Amores Compound, Apas, Cebu

Phone#: +63(32)520-5000

Mobile#: +63(917)320-5005

Email Address:

For latest reviews and current rates, please click here.

Tubigon Church (San Isidro Labrador Parish Church)

Located in the heart of Tubigon is standing this old church, proudly and beautifully.  It caught my attention when we walk around the town's plaza to find food. The church was constructed in 1886 and its bell tower from 1928 to 1934.

The Blood Compact Shrine

This shrine is built in commemoration of the blood compact or Sandugo between the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the Bohol chieftain, Datu Sikatuna.  This is to seal their friendship as part of the tribal tradition.

Magellan's Cross

Is a Christian cross planted as ordered by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan when he first set foot in Cebu, Philippines. It's now housed in a chapel beside the Basilica Menor del Santo Nino church.

Cebu - Bohol - Cebu Sample Itinerary

Below is a sample of our detailed 3D/3N Cebu - Bohol - Cebu trip from August 23 to August 26, 2013. We arrived in Cebu on the 23rd at 10:00pm so we stayed a night at Sampaguita Suites for our trip to Bohol early in the morning.

Alegre Guitars

Aside from Lechon, Cebu is also home to the best guitar craftsmen in the Philippines. Not only it's delicately crafted, but has great quality and very affordable. There are a lot of guitar makers in Cebu, but Alegre Guitars is the most popular. 

Tagbilaran Church (Cathedral Parish of St. Joseph the Worker)

This church is located at the heart of Tagbilaran City and one of the first 6 parishes founded by the Jesuit missionaries who came in Bohol in 1595.

Mactan Shrine

Also called Liberty Shrine or Lapu-Lapu Shrine is built in honor of  Datu Lapu-Lapu, Ferdinand Magellan and the Battle of Mactan. In the site the first thing you'll see when you enter is the Magellan Shrine, built in memory of the  Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Larsian Barbecue

If you love barbecue, this is really the perfect place for you! Larsian is not a restaurant but a place where small eateries are located.  One of the prominent eating havens in Cebu. Visiting Cebu without eating here is really not complete. This is the best to have that Cebu experience!

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Also knows as The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and St. Vitales and The Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Vitales, the first church in the Philippines that is dedicated to St. Vitales.  It was built by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Fray Andres de Urdaneta in 1909. It was reconstructed in 1950 after the World War II.

Loboc Church (San Pedro Apostol Parish Church)

Last Updated: November 02, 2017
Also called Saint Peter the Apostle Parish Church is the second oldest Christian settlement in Bohol next to Baclayon church. Same as the Baclayon church, this church is also declared a National Historical Landmark and a National Cultural Treasure.

Basilica Menor del Sto. Niño

Last Updated: December 12, 2017
Commonly known as the Sto. Niño Church, is the oldest Roman Catholic church in the Philippines and serves as the Mother and Head of all churches in the country.

Nova Shell Museum

Philippines is not only blessed with 7,000 plus islands, but it's also blessed with thousands of variety of underwater species.  Bohol is one of those islands that offers some of the most exotic seashells, clams and mollusk.

Doce Pares Mountain Training Park

Opened in October 2009, Doce Pares has become one of the tourist attractions in Cebu. Originally, it was created as a combat training site by Doce Pares, but it's now open for visitors.

Loboc River

Loboc River has become one of the favorite tourist attractions in Bohol because of the many activities you can do there. One of those is the river cruising in a floating restaurant.

Taoist Temple

Last Updated: December 12, 2017
Is a temple located in Beverly Hills Subdivision built by a Chinese Community in Cebu. Unlike other Temple, this one is also open for non-worshipers, making it one of the tourist destinations in Cebu.

Cebu-Bohol-Cebu Trip Sample Expenses

Below is the sample expenses of our Cebu-Bohol-Cebu Trip last August 23-26, 2013.
Taxi from ISM to Airport
PHP 250.00
Taxi from Airport to Sampaguita Suites
PHP 250.00
Taxi from Sampaguita Suites to Cebu Port
PHP 150.00

AA Barbeque & Grill (A.S. Fortuna St. Branch)

They said a trip to Cebu is not complete without eating in this restaurant and I couldn't agree more. After a very tiring but exhilarating morning, my favorite time of of day comes, eating time! I was actually looking forward to eat in this restaurant because I've read so many good reviews.

Hinagdanan Cave

Last Updated: September 21, 2017
Bohol is not only known for amazing Chocolate Hills, beautiful islands and exotic seashells, they are also known for its caves.  A total of 1,400 caves have been counted in the province and there are still some that are not discovered yet. You don't need to go far to see one, though, because Hinagdanan Cave is very accessible from Panglao town proper

Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge

Last Updated: September 21, 2017
The Bamboo Hanging Bridge which spans for almost 40-km. is located at Sevilla, Bohol.  The bridge is made of bamboo and steel cables for more support.  It was originally made using bamboo and rope, but to give more support and safety, the rope is now made of cable steel. The deck of the bridge is made of woven bamboo slats and believe it or not, they are very sturdy.

Mahogany Man-Made Forest

From the butterflies’ center going to Tagbilaran, you will pass by this man-made forest. The only thing I'm thankful that it's raining when we visit Bohol is this.  The rain really makes the forest so green, fresh and cool. 

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center

As soon as you enter the center you will be greeted by friendly staffs and tour guides. After paying the entrance fee, we were guided by our tour guide to the Visitors Center where different species of butterflies were preserved and displays in an in-cased glass.

Sagbayan Peak Resort & Recreation

Last Updated: August 9, 2016
If you are coming from Cebu via Tubigon Port, Bohol  and want to start your adventure right away, the best place to go is the Sagbayan Peak. Sagbayan is one of the 3 among 1,776 chocolate hills that was developed into a resort for tourism purposes.  This government owned mountain resort is the best place to have a sneak peek of the famous chocolate hills. Its name came from word "Sagbayan" which mean "the practice of hanging a deer to dry after the hunting expedition". It also means a "place for hanging" from the word sagbay which mean "to hang". It can also be "a place to hang with friends and family".

Chocolate Hills (Carmen Chocolate Hills Complex)

Updated: September 20, 2017
When I was a kid, I really thought these hills are made of chocolate.  By the time I learned that they are not, I started wondering why they are called chocolate hills.   I've wanted to see them before my eyes, and when I finally did, I was so awed and amazed. They really are wonderful! One will really wonder how great nature can be.  Now I understand why it's one of the natural Wonders of the World.

ShipHaus Simulation Hotel & Museum: A Boy's Dream Come True

Last Updated: August 20, 2016
This house caught our attention on our way to Tagbilaran from Carmen.  This was originally planned as a residential house, but since it attracts a lot of tourists for its unique design even during the construction, it was converted into a simulation hotel. Built and owned through the determination of Master Marine Capt. Gaudencio Dumapias.

Tarsier: The Second Smallest Primate in the World

Tarsier, the second-smallest primate in the world, is indigenous to the island.  Philippine tarsier, also called Mamag or Mawmag only measure about 8- to 160 millimeters, only about a size of a human fist. A very shy nocturnal mammal that leads a mostly hidden life.

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