Jojo's Christmas Cottage

One of the main attractions in Kalibo in the province of Aklan is the Jojo's Christmas Cottage. Located inside the Sampaguita Gardens, this cottage features Christmas items and other themed collections. 


--> Our itinerary for this trip includes not only Boracay but also the neighboring town and the capital of Aklan, and that's Kalibo. After a short swim and a sumptuous lunch in Boracay Island we left for Kalibo. Travel time from Caticlan to Kalibo takes 2 and half hours including the wait at the port before the van leaves.

How to Get to Mt. Pico de Loro?

There are 2 jump-off points going to Mt. Pico de Loro. One is at Ternate Highway in Cavite and the other one is at Nasugbu in Batangas. The most taken trail is the one in Cavite since it's easier. For us, we did both, going there via Cavite and going back via Batangas.

If you are planning on exploring Mr. Pico de Loro, here's how to get there via Ternate, Cavite. 

Ramboy's Restaurant, Kalibo

In every province I've been to, I made it a point to eat in at least one of their local restaurants and try their local food. Food is the best reward you can give yourself after a long and tiring day.

St. John Nepomucene Parish Church

This century old church located at Brgy. Poblacion, Tangalan, Aklan was built through hard and forced labore. It was finished after 28 years of suffering and sacrifices from the people of Tangalan

Bakhawan (Mangroves) Eco-Park

Our last stop for our day tour is a visit to the Bakhawan (Mangroves) Eco-Park in New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan. If you want a change of scenery and get closer to nature, pay a visit here.

Afga Wave Rock Formation

Our first stop during our day tour in Kalibo is the AFGA Wave Rock Formation. I've checked the pictures posted in the website to see if it's worth seeing and I thought, why not, we're going to be there anyway.

Jawili Beach

Since our flight going back to Manila is through the Kalibo Airport, we decided on spending a night at Kalibo and explore the hidden jewels of the town.  I've been to Boracay already so I'm not too keen to see it.

Sampaguita Gardens Resort, Aklan

Our first stop in Kalibo is the famous Sampaguita Gardens Resort. Recognized as a major landmark in Travel and Industry in Kalibo. It's one of the investments that helped establish the municipality of New Washington.

Globy Traveling Chef Restaurant, Boracay Island

Vietnamese Spring Roll - Php190.00
This restaurant is located along the path of the White Beach and it really looks simple from outside. Nothing spectacular and I'm sure the very last choice on the list of almost everyone. But don't be deceived.

Where to Eat in Boracay Island?

Boracay Island is not only famous for its white sand, but also its food.  If you love food, this is the perfect destination for you. You can never go wrong whatever and wherever you eat. 

Where to Stay in Boracay?

Ever since the island became famous, there are a lot of hotels popped out like mushrooms everywhere. 

If you want a luxurious accommodation you can choose from a lot of 5-star hotels. Or if you want to save money on activities and food, you can choose from a lot affordable lodgings.  

Hotel rates depends on where it's located. Below are the 2 hotels that I tried so far.

What to See in Boracay Island?

When you have spare time, make sure to visit these places when you visit Boracay.

Trick Art Museum
Trick Art Museum for me is what completed my adventure in Boracay. It's amazing and wished I can bring my nephews and nieces here. Read more>>

What to Do in Boracay Island?

Your Boracay adventure is not complete without trying at least 3 activities.  Here are the list of must try activities in Boracay when you have limited budget and time.

If you love adventure up in the air, this activity is the perfect one for you. You can experience being whisked into the sky while strapped in a seat covered by a colorful parachute. Read more>>

Shakey's Pizza Parlor, Boracay Island

Lemon Cucumber Cooler - Php160.00 / Blue Lemon Slush - Php180.00
Shakey's Pizza has been serving the world with it's delicious pizza and chicken since 1954.  Some said, you're dining at Shakey's is not complete without the mojos.
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