PlantniTita (Tita's plants) is all about plants I own or owned since some of them died πŸ˜”πŸ˜’. When I started planting, I had a lot of ups and downs because I never really know how to take care of them. You think you know all about them, only to find out that each plant have specific needs and care. 
I thought I can just treat all of them the same, but I was very wrong. A lot of effort and money were spent just to learn little things in return. I searched the internet, watched videos and talk to other plant moms, but I still keep killing plants.
I'm not sure because I'm on the 7th floor and the sub is really hot during the day, not to mention the heat from air con's exhaust fan. I bought a lot of different plants, fertilizer, plant nutrients to help with the same results. 
So I thought maybe I've been taking care of them too much that they can't have enough. Until finally, I just decided on just letting them do their own thing and just water them and take care of them when they asked me too. And I also keep plants that are easy to maintain until I get a big place on the ground floor with a backyard or a front yard.
Anyway, I'm still not a professional when it comes to plants, and I'm learning. I was hoping that you'll get a little information from this page to help with your babiesπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
Happy planting!!

Here are the list of plants I currently have:

And these are the plants I had (sighs):