Getting Around Brunei Darussalam

Majority of Brunei's attractions lie within walking distance of each other in the heart of the capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan. You have many transportation options to get around Brunei.

Hong Kong Avenue of Stars

For those who are traveling to Hong Kong, like me, the Avenue of Stars will be closed from October 8, 2015 until 2018.

Where to Stay in Ilocos Norte?

I've only visited Ilocos Norte once so I was able to a couple of hotels, but that doesn't mean I can't give information on other hotels.

These are the hotels where we stayed when we visited.

Northview Hotel

To truly enjoy your visit here, you must, at least, stay a night here.  We have a car so we decided to stay a night at the Northview Hotel.  It's near the downtown proper and other tourist sports.  Read more>>

Fort Ilocandia Golf &Country Club

A 5-star hotel in Laoag City, that only their members can play at the golf club.  This is along the way going to the Malacanang of the North.  We just stopped by here to use their restrooms and, of course, I had a little peek. Though, I can only see the verandah and the bushes.

Please click here for the list of hotels, inns, resorts & homestays in Ilocos Norte.

List of Hotels/Lodgings/Inns/B&Bs in Ilocos Norte

Last Updated: August 31, 2016
Please find below the list of accommodations in Ilocos Norte. This is just a list and does not guarantee the current room rates, addresses, contact numbers and quality of service of the hotels. It is advisable that you do a full and thorough research about a specific hotel before booking.

What to Eat in Vigan?

We always end our tour by eating, and this was no exception. Since we are soon checking out the hotel, we decided on having lunch in their restaurant. 

Vigan is known for their bagnet, empanada, longganisa, ukoy, poqui-poqui and chichacorn so make sure you try these before you leave.

Vigan Empanada
Empanada is another food that Filipinos love to eat.  Not only because it's delicious but also it's affordable for a complete meal. Read more>>

Vigan Ukoy
Ukoy, sometimes called Okoy is a flavorful Filipino appetizer with a golden color and better served after cooking.  It's made of unpeeled baby shrimps, but sometimes, others used peeled shrimps. Read more>>

Bagnet and Pinakbet with Bagnet
Bagnet is a deep fried pork belly then sun dried for a long time after. It's considered the top favorite among the Filipinos.  Almost everybody knows this delicacy and no-one can't deny this, except me, though. Read more>>

Vigan Longganisa
Aside from being garlicky in taste, Vigan longganisa is also known for it's sourly & salty taste.  Thanks to the native garlic grown in the province and the Iloko vinegar. Achuete, paprika, ground pepper & kinchay are also added to the meat to complete the perfect longganisa. The color of Vigan longganisa is yellowish.

There a lot of food to try in this province, but I only have one tummy so I can't try them all! :) But I will next time.

Bagnet and Pinakbet with Bagnet

Bagnet is a deep fried pork belly and from what the local said to me when I asked, it's sun dried for a long time to make it more crispier.

It's considered the top favorite among the Filipinos.  Almost everybody knows this delicacy and no-one can't deny this, except me, though. It's delicious but too salty for me.  It's made like that to preserve it after deep frying and sun drying. 

I love it though when included in any vegetable recipe, it served as the salt and of course the meat. One of that is the Pinakbet (Mixed Vegetables Saute with shrimp paste). Another local favorite in Vigan. I love it and I would love to try it again.

This is from the restaurant at Grandpa's Inn.

Vigan Ukoy

Ukoy, sometimes called Okoy is a flavorful Filipino appetizer with a golden color and crisp.  It's made of unpeeled shrimps, but sometimes, others used peeled shrimps. It's best to serve after cooking to enjoy the crispiness. 

Vigan Ukoy, unlike the regular Ukoy is made of galapong (rice sticky dough), shrimps, onions, spring onions and other spices to tasted. It's deep fried to have that crispiness.

What I like about Vigan Ukoy, is that it doesn't lose it's crispiness even though it's been hours since we bought it. The only thing I don't like is it's too oily, normal for deep fried food. When you go to Vigan, try this along with the Empanada.

Where to Stay in Ilocos Sur?

I've only stayed one night in Vigan so I was able to stay at one hotel only, but this really is a must if you need an accommodation in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Your home away from home.
Grandpa's Inn & Restaurant

Grandpa's Inn is an old house, or more like a mansion, that was converted into a hotel. Located just a few minutes away from Calle Crisologo in Vigan City. Readmore>>

For the list of other hotels in Vigan City, please click here.

For list of hotels in Ilocos Sur, please click here.

Cebu Province

Cebu is named one of the best island destinations in the Indian Ocean-Asia region and in Asia-Pacific by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. One of the popular destinations in the province is the Mactan Island where the second busiest airport in the country is located. 

Name of Cebu came from the word Sibu, which means, to trade. The province is very rich in history. One of the notable events in the province was the Battle of Mactan.  A battle fought in Mactan before the Spanish colonization.
The oldest Christian figure of the Sto. Nino is enshrined and venerated at the Basilica of Santo Nino. It’s said that this figure was given by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to the wife of Rajah Humabon, the king of Cebu.

 Where to Eat in Cebu?

The province celebrates Sinulog Festival every 3rd Sunday of January. This feast is held in honor of the patron, Senor Santo Nino de Cebu (Lord Holy Child of Cebu) and the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in the country.
In October 2013, Cebu along with the neighboring province, Bohol, was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It’s said to be one of the strongest earthquakes in the country. A lot of historical churches and other tourist attractions were damaged by the earthquake.

You can tour the Metro Cebu in one day, but if you want the best part, like swimming and trying other adventurous and exciting activities, best to stay a night or two.

In my own opinion, Cebu City is no different than the cities in Metro Manila. If you want a more relaxing, fun and adventurous activities, visit the others tourist spots outside the city.

Where to Stay in Cebu?

Last Updated: December 12, 2017
Cebu is one of the very popular provinces in the Philippines and has a lot of luxurious hotels. If you want the best accommodation, book at one of the hotels in Mactan Island, where all the exciting events happen.

What to See in Cebu?

When you visit Bohol province and have extra day or two, spend it exploring the neighboring city, Cebu.

These are the places we've visited for just a day. We started at 8:00am and finished at 4:00pm. If your flight is not until late evening, you still have enough time to explore the resorts at Mactan Island.

Mactan Shrine
Also called Liberty Shrine or Lapu-Lapu Shrine is built in honor of  Datu Lapu-Lapu, Ferdinand Magellan and the Battle of Mactan. In the site the first thing you'll see when you enter is the Magellan Shrine. Read more>>

Alegre Guitars
Aside from Lechon, Cebu is also a home to the best guitar craftsmen in the Philippines. Not only it's durable, but also with great quality and very affordable. There are a lot of guitar makers in Cebu, but Alegre Guitars is the most popular one. Read more>>

Cebu Taoist Temple
Is a temple located in Beverly Hills Subdivision built by a Chinese Community in Cebu. Unlike other Temple, this one is also open for non-worshipers, making it one of the tourist destinations in Cebu. Read more>>

Doce Pares Mountain Training Park
Opened in October 2009, Doce Pares has become one of the tourist attractions in Cebu. Originally created as a training site for combat by Doce Pares, but it's now opened for visitors. Read more>>

Cebu Heritage Monument
This monument depicts the important moments in history of Cebu. It's also called Parian Monument and depicts the important moments in history of Cebu. It's a big artwork with everything in it.  Read more>> 

Magellan's Cross
Is a Christian cross planted as ordered by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan when he first set foot in Cebu, Philippines. It's now housed in a chapel beside the Basilica Menor del Santo Nino church. Read more>>

Basílica Menor del Santo Niño
Is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines and serves as the Mother and Head of all churches in the country. It houses the oldest image of the Sto. Niño de Cebu, the same image given by Ferdinand Magellan to the wife of the rajah of Cebu. Readmore>>

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Also knows as The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and St. Vitales and The Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Vitales is the first church in the Philippines that is dedicated to St. Vitales.  Read more>>

I wanted to visit Fort San Pedro and Sugbo Museum but my friends were already tired. The disadvantage of travelling in a group. It's always the majority who wins. At least I have other reasons to get back to Cebu, aside from attending a mass at the Basilica.

Leyte Province: The Promised Land

Leyte is an island in the Philippines that consists of two provinces, Leyte Province (Northern Leyte) & Southern Leyte. The province is known for the longest bridge in the Philippines, the San Juanico Bridge, that connects the provinces of Leyte and Samar.  Seems impossible but former President Marcos made it possible, for his wife Imelda Romualdez Marcos, so people say.

Where to Eat in Bohol?

Food always go along with attractions, so if you get tired or get hungry while exploring Bohol province in the Philippines, eat your tiredness away!

Floating Restaurant @ Loboc River
Lunch at a floating restaurant while cruising Loboc River is one of the top things to do in Bohol. It's the best way to end your morning after visiting the many tourist attractions.  Read more>>

Lantaw Restaurant @ Bohol Bee Farm
If you love organic food and unique taste of food, this is the place to Bee! The location is prefect, overlooking the ocean! Read more>>

DBR Grill @ Dumaluan Beach Resort
Located just beside the Dumaluan Beach Resort is this grill where you can wait while they are cooking your seafood or barbeque.   Read more>&gt
Please click here for the list of restaurants in Bohol.

21 Must See Attractions in Bohol

Last Updated: January 19, 2017
Bohol offers a lot of tourist attractions from historical sites to falls, caves, and of course, white beaches. With so many places to see and things to do, you’ll need a lot of time to fully explore the province.

Two days are definitely not enough to explore Bohol. Nonetheless, we still managed to visit these 21 amazing attractions in two days.

1. Sagbayan Peak Resort & Recreation
If you are coming from Cebu via Tubigon Port, Bohol  and want to start your adventure right away, the best place to go is the Sagbayan Peak. Sagbayan is one of the 3 among 1,776 chocolate hills that was developed into a resort for tourism purposes.  This government owned mountain resort is the best place to have a sneak peek of the famous chocolate more>>

2. Chocolate Hills Complex
When I was a kid, I really thought these hills are made of chocolate.  By the time I learned that they are not, I started wondering why they are called chocolate hills.   I've wanted to see them before my eyes, and when I finally did, I was so awed and amazed. They really are wonderful! One will really wonder how great nature can be.  Now I understand why it's one of the natural Wonders of the more>>

2. Shiphaus
This house was originally planned as a residential house, but since it attracts a lot of tourists for its unique design even during the construction, it was converted into a simulation hotel. Built and owned through the determination of Master Marine Capt. Gaudencio more>>

4. Simply Butterflies Conservation Center
There are almost 300 species of butterflies in Bohol and at least half can be found in the center. The center is the first to start a butterfly livelihood breeding and conservation in Bohol.  Their aim is to protect and strengthen the natural environment of the butterflies, through plant research, breeding and more>>

5. Mahogany Man-Made Forest
This man-made forest is a 2km stretch of mahogany forest that's been a favorite stop for tourists to take pictures or to just enjoy the nature. You'll know when you are near the forest when the road and the surrounding start to get more>>

6. Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge
The Bamboo Hanging Bridge which spans for almost 40-km. is located at Sevilla, Bohol. The bridge is made of bamboo and steel cables for more support.  It was originally made using bamboo and rope, but to give more support and safety, the rope is now made of cable steel. The deck of the bridge is made of woven bamboo slats and believe it or not, they are very more>>

7. Loboc River
Loboc River has become one of the favorite tourist attractions in Bohol because of the many activities you can do there. One of those is the river cruising in a floating restaurant. The cruise starts from the town of Loboc and upstream to Busay Falls, with a few stops to watch local performances per barangay. You can enjoy the cruise with good food and beautiful music performed by a local band. The river is also very clean and more>>

8. Loboc Church
Also called Saint Peter the Apostle Parish Church is the second oldest Christian settlement in Bohol next to Baclayon church. Same as the Baclayon church, this church is also declared a National Historical Landmark and a National Cultural Treasure. Unfortunately, it was severely damaged during the October 2013 more>>

9. Baclayon Church
Old Churches is one of the reasons why I wanted to visit Bohol.  I've been to Ilocos and I've seen some of the old churches there, so I searched for one province that has a lot, and Bohol is one of more>>

10. The Blood Compact Shrine
This shrine is built in commemoration of the blood compact or Sandugo between the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the Bohol chieftain, Datu Sikatuna.  This is to seal their friendship as part of the tribal more>>

11. Tagbilaran Church

This church is located at the heart of Tagbilaran City and one of the first 6 parishes founded by the Jesuit missionaries who came in Bohol in more>>

12. Bohol Museum
Bohol Museum is one of the places you must see when you visit Bohol.  It's the former President Carlos P. Garcia's home, located in the heart of Tagbilaran more>>

13. Dumaluan Beach
There are a lot of beaches in Panglao Island but the most popular are Alona Beach and the Dumaluan Beach.  Alona Beach is  the most developed and most beautiful beach in Panglao.  Dumaluan Beach, however, is the most more>>

14. Panglao Church
This is the 2nd oldest church in the island of Panglao and probably the least visited.  However, this church, same as the Dauis church also has unique feature, they both have murals on the more>>

15. Nova Shell Museum
Philippines is not only blessed with 7,000 plus islands with most of them with white sand.  It's also blessed with thousands of variety of underwater species.  Bohol is one of those islands that offer some of the most exotic seashells, clams and mollusk. You don't need to go underwater just to see those species.  Nova Shell Museum in Bohol has thousands of displays of them.  Not alive though, but still, it doesn't hurt knowing and be amazed with more>>

16. Bohol Bee Farm
Bohol Bee Farm is known for their organic produce and of course, organic food. They offer delicious meals from their own organically produced vegetables, from squash muffins, cassava chips, vegetable lasagna to flowers salad. If you want to to be relaxed this is the perfect place to Bee! more>>

17. Hinagdanan Cave
Bohol is not only known for amazing Chocolate Hills, beautiful islands and exotic seashells, they are also known for its caves.  A total of 1,400 caves have been counted in the province and there are still some that are not discovered yet. You don't need to go far to see one, though, because Hinagdanan Cave is very accessible from Panglao town more>>

18. Dauis Church
Located not far from the bridge that connects Panglao and Bohol is this another old and beautiful church. This is the only church I've seen with a well at the foot of the altar. The church was constructed in 1863 and completed in the early 1920's. One of the old churches in Bohol that was damaged during the 2013 more>>

19. Tubigon Church
The church was constructed in 1886 and its bell tower from 1928 to 1934. It was totally damaged in the October 2013 earthquake and they built a new church at the lower portion of the land where it's originally more>>

20.  Alburquerque Church (Santa Monica Parish Church of Alburquerque)
The church was declared as an Important Cultural Property by the National Museum of the Philippines in 2013. It was also declared
National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute in 2014. In October 15, 2013 it was partially damage when a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Bohol and other parts of Central more>>

21. Alona Beach
After my first visit to Bohol, I'm always curious as to how Alona Beach looks like, so even though we're staying at the Bellevue  Hotel in Bohol, I asked our guide to bring us to the beach. I want to see for myself what's the big fuzz about this beach as they said it's the Boracay in Bohol. I've been to Boracay already and I can say that's nothing like the sand in Boracay. It's white, alright, but it's not as fine as Bora's. It also looks like over crowded. I'm just glad that we didn't stay here on our first and the second visit. But of course, if you want a night life, this is the perfect place. Most private hotels in Bohol offers free round trip transfer to Alona Beach. 

For a detailed itinerary, please click here.

Most of the churches were damaged during the earthquake and still under construction as of July 2016.


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