Stay Connected When in Taiwan: 4G Pocket Wi-Fi or 4G Sim Card?

Last Updated: June 5, 2017
Are you planning on traveling to Taiwan but still want to be updated and connected with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or just surf the Internet? Using your local network while surfing in another country is very expensive and I'm sure you don't want that.

Public wi-fi, even though it's fast is sometimes limited to public areas only such as MRT/Train stations, airports or hotels. You will need a connection on the go, and at the same time allowed your friends to connect too. Compare to the Internet connection in the Philippines, Taiwan's really fast even when you're in the country side or what we call here, in the province.

I will list two options here, but I really recommend that you choose the option #2 for convenience and affordability.

When I was preparing our itinerary for our trip to Taiwan, I searched online for an affordable way to connect and found this 4G Pocket Wi-Fi  for rent. With this device you and your friends can stay connected when in Taiwan. Provided by one of Taiwan's biggest providers for great coverage across 99% of Taiwan. Guaranteed unlimited 4G Wi-Fi with no deceleration to 3G.

Pocket Wi-Fi Specifications:
  • Traffic flow limit: no limit
  • Max Using Span: about 6-8 hours (connecting 1 device)
  • Max connected devices: 5
  • Weight: 75g
  • Size (mm): 96.8mm x 58mm x 12.8mm
Pick Up and Drop Off Locations:
  • Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1
  • Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2
  • Kaohsiung Airport
  • Songshan Airport

Please click here for the exact location with map

Pick-Up Process:
  • Pricing is calculated by the day (Example: Arrive in Taiwan 1st October, leave 5th October, rental period is 5 days)
  • You must present your passport or photo ID along with either a printed or a mobile voucher (if bought via Klook or KKday) when you pick up your device.
  • The voucher is valid only on the date and time specified. They are very particular with this so make sure you specify the maximum time of your pick-up to avoid cancellation.
Return Process:
Normally you can return the device to the Unite Traveler service counter at the departure area. But make sure you check the return guidelines provided by the company where you bought the voucher.

Damage Policy:
  • Loss, damage or breakage of Wi-Fi device: NT$3,000
  • Exterior scratches or damage: NT$500
  • Loss or breakage of cord set and plug: NT$150
  • Loss or breakage of cover and box: NT$300
  • Loss or breakage of entire set: NT$4,000
These are the online stores where you can reserve the device for a very affordable price:
KKDay for US$3.20/day -
Wi-Fi Taiwan for US$6.50/day -

Important Note:
Make sure you  reserve 2 days before your departure, otherwise, you will not be able to get one.

A day before our departure we agreed to rent a pocket wi-fi so we'll be all set when we get there. Two of my friends will depart ahead of us so we agreed that I place the order and then they will pick it up. Unfortunately, it needs to be reserved 2 days before the departure date so I wasn't able to get one. It was a blessing in disguise, though, because I found a much better option. Instead of renting a pocket wi-fi, we opted to just buy a sim card. Compare to a pocket wi-fi you don't need to return it, less hassle, specially when you're in a hurry to get to the airport for your departure. You don't have to worry also for any damages or loss of the unit.
With this sim card, you can enjoy your travel with the utmost ease. It has an unlimited 4G data and texts SIM card plus call credit with excellent coverage all over Taiwan. If you're traveling in a group, you only have to buy 1 sim card and use it as a hotspot so you other friends can connect. We are 4 people in a group and we all connect at the same time and the it doesn't affect the connection at all. It's still fast even though we're in Cingjing, Taiwan's country side.
  • To get the more affordable price, you can choose from from 3, 5, 7 or 10 days depending on your trip duration.
  • Fantastic coverage from one of Taiwan's biggest providers across 99% of the island - including Penghu, Kinmen and Lanyu (Green Island)
  • Quick and hassle free - no registration needed!
  • Use your mobile freely without having to worry about roaming costs
  • Enjoy 4G Internet access to use maps, upload photos and stay connected with family whilst in Taiwan
  • Convenient pick up from Airport on arrival ordering, you will be asked about the size of sim card you want. I made a mistake of putting micro sim, when in fact what I need for my iPad Air 2 is a nano sim. I emailed Klook, where I bought the sim card about the correct size, but I didn't get to read their reply until I return from the trip. Good thing the sim card they gave us was available in 3 sizes, standard, micro and nano. To get the desired size, you just have to detach it from the original size. As soon as I inserted the sim card to the iPad, it's ready to use and my friends were able to connect too!
The sim card is inclusive of:
  • Chunghwa SIM card (nano, micro or standard size)
  • 3/5/7/10 days usage
  • 4G data connection
  • Outgoing calls (NT$100 credit for 3 days, NT$50 credit for 5 days, NT$150 credit for 7 days, NT$100 credit for 10 days)
  • Text messages, incoming calls and Internet access

Pick Up Location:
Airport Terminals, Unite Traveler
Opening Hours: 5:30am-1:00am
 (Make sure to choose the correct airport of your arrival for the pick-up of the sim).

Important Note:
In accordance with Taiwan law for inbound visitors, these are the requirements.
  • You must be at least 20 years old to purchase a SIM card
  • Only 1 SIM card can be redeemed per person
  • In order to redeem your SIM card, you must show 2 forms of photo ID (a visa is regarded as 1 form of ID).
Below are the online stores where you can pre-order the the sim card.
Klook starts from Php474.00 (US$9.48) -
KKDay starts from US$9.40 -
We were in Taiwan for days so we got the 5 Days package. We only spent a total of Php476.00 ($9.91) during our stay. We weren't able to use the call and text because the sim card was inserted in an iPad, but we don't have to anyway. There's always the FB Messenger, iMessage and Whatsapp to communicate with friends and to contact the drivers or hotels.
Aside from buying online or at the airport, a 3G prepaid sim card by Ibon Mobile can be bought in any 7-11 Stores around Taiwan. Just present your passport and visa, to avail the 3G prepaid card and enjoy 5 days of unlimited data usage. After that, you can always reload the sim card up to the maxim days you're staying. Maximum validity of the sim card is up to 6 months.

  1. NT$299 (US$10.00): Inclusive of 24 hours data usage and NT$299 airtime credit.
  2. NT$399.00 (US$13.00):Inclusive of 120 hours data usage and NT$50 airtime  credit.
These charges apply to both rates:
  • Domestic Voice Rate (off-net): Free
  • Domestic  Voice Rate (on-net): NT$0.71/6 sec
  • SMS Rate (off -net): NT$2/each
  • SMS Rate (on-net): NT$2/each
  • International SMS Rate: NT$5/each
  • Internet Browsing: NT$0.0025 / 128bytes
  • To Voice Mail(622): NTS0.36/6 sec 
 How it works?
  1. User will be charged base on the time when the call is first initiated and charged by 6 seconds interval.
  2. The card is inclusive of free data access valid for 24 hours, after that, the rate of NT0.0025/128bytes applies.
  3. To set up the mobile internet access, use the APN: seven3G or internet.
  4. For questions or cancellation of the service please dial 722 from your cellphone free of charge.
There are 39 credits you can avail to reload your sim card:
By Volume (Data Usage):
  • NT$180: Domestic data 1.2GB within 30 days
  • NT$450: Domestic data 3GB within 90 days
  • NT$100: Unlimited data within 24 hours
  • NT$250: Unlimited data within 72 hours
By Type (Data Usage):
  • NT$350: Unlimited data within 120 hours (5 days)
  • NT$420: Unlimited data within 168 hours (7 days)
  • NT$800: Unlimited data within 720 hours (30 days)
Airtime Call:
  • NT$50: $50.00 airtime credit
    NT$300: $300 airtime credit
  • NT$500: $500 airtime credit
How to recharge your account?
Dial 722 on your cell phone and press 2, then press 1 and just follow the voice instruction.

If you want a free Wi-Fi access whenever you are in one of the 7-11 stores in Taiwan, you can do so by doing these:
  • Upload your passport to ibon via Wifi and fill out basic information, you may have free WiFi service for 7 days in any 7-ELEVEN in Taiwan after activation. 
  • You may extend for another 7 days as long as you made the application.
  • Passport Application; Activate in 30 minutes3 times a day, each 30 minutes7 days for free
If you find this helpful, please share with your friends so they know what to get when they travel to Taiwan.

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    1. the 4g sim card can use on ownself pocket wifi device, or only handphone device? tq

      1. Hi, it can also be used for a pocket Wi-Fi device.

      2. tq or ur reply! nice blog!!

    2. Greeting. What's the meaning by 'the portable wifi needs to be reserved 2 days before'? We can't get it straight on the arrival day? Hmm, where did you bought your portable wifi from? Looking forward your replies. Thanks in advanced.

      1. You need to reserve the portable wifi 2 days before your trip. That's the rule in all of the online stores I tried when I was looking for portable wifi the day before our trip. To avoid problems, make sure to reserve 2 days before your trip. We were not able to get a portable wifi so we only bought 1 sim card and put it in my iPad. You can use it in your mobile too. Hope these help. :)

    3. Hi, do you have to order the sim card in advance or can you just buy it at the airport after arrival?

      1. Hi, you can just buy it at the airport. We just bought it online because it's cheaper.

    4. Hi, would you know if there's an option to buy in the city because we might arrive later than 1am?

      1. Hi, I believed it's available in any 7-11 stores. Thanks

    5. Hi, thanks so much for sharing this post - super helpful!

      I just have a question, would you happen to know how much the 4G sim card is in 7-11 stores? Is the price difference big? Thanks!

      1. Hi, i just updated my post and added the information about the prepaid sim cards available in 7-11. Based on my research, they only offer a 3G Sim card only. I hope this helps. Please follow, like or share :)

    6. Does the phone need to be openline in order to use the sim? My phone's locked to Smart eh

      1. Yes, it needs to be openline to use the sim card. It's the same in here, you can't use your phone using Globe if it's locked in Smart. I used iPad so it's not a problem when we were there.

    7. Aside from passport, visa and driver's license, what other ID can be presented to get a sim card?

      1. Hi, I believed they will require you to show your passport to make sure that you are not a local. Most of the offers are exclusive for tourists only.

    8. Hi can i ask can one iser order two and collect it there with two passport and two id

      1. Hi Jacqueline, I hope my reply is not too late. I believed it's possible, but you will have to place 2 separate orders from Klook or KKDay and not just one order with 2 quantity. You can place one order with your details and your friend's details, then show them your passports when you pick-up.

    9. Hello there. Is it possible to order the 4G sim card online ahead of my trip, then have it delivered to my hotel so I can pick it up there instead of picking it up at the airport? I am planning to travel to Taipei in April.

      1. Hi, I don't think they deliver. But there are many 7-11's around the area so you can just buy it in there. Check the location of your hotel, there might be a near 7-11 where you can buy the sim.

    10. hellow po.. meron po bang nabibiling pocket wifi.. tas meron po sila ung data lang.. kamahal naman ng internet data nila..

      1. Hi po, I don't now if you can buy a pocket wi-fi, kase they might ask for documentation para sa contract. Medyo mahal po, pero sulit naman dahil sobrang bilis. Mas mabilis pa network connection nila sa Korea. Anyway, kung sa city lang naman po kayo, kahit hindi na kayo bumili kase, mabilis naman po public wifi nila.

      2. ah okay po.. pero malayo po kasi siya sa city sa kauhsiong po kasi sya.. san po sya pede makabili ng pocket wifi..

    11. The klook or kkday links seem to say collection is at airport chunghwa counter with 7:00-23:00 opening hours instead of unitetraveler counter that opens at 5.30am. Can you clarify? My arrival is 6:00 am so i have to make sure.


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