Boracay-Kalibo Trip Sample Expenses

Below is the sample expenses of our Boracay-Kalibo trip last July 3 - 6, 2014.
Tricycle Fare from Airport to Seaport
PHP 160.00
Boat Fare from Caticlan to Boracay
PHP 75.00
Environmental & Admission Fee
PHP 225.00
Tricycle Fare from Seaport to Hotel
PHP 100.00
Breakfast @Big Smoke
PHP 355.00
Beef Salpicao - Php150.00

Tapa - Php140.00

Fried Egg - Php15.00

Gralic Rice - Php25.00

Tuyo - Php25.00

Tricycle Fare from Bulabog to Hotel
PHP 60.00
Parasailing & Helmet Diving
PHP 2,200.00
Lunch @Backyard BBQ
PHP 1,075.00
Merienda/Dinner @Bite Club
PHP 588.00
Burger with Garlic & Cream - Php185

Burger with Blue Cheese & Cream - Php185

Potato Wedges - Php75.00

Bottled Water - Php40.00

French Fries - Php75.00

Service Charge - Php28.00

Island Hopping
PHP 1,500.00
Island Hopping Tip to Bangkero
PHP 100.00
Php50.00 per Bangkero

Snorkeling Fee
PHP 60.00
Tricycle Fare from Balabog to Hotel
PHP 60.00
Lunch @Gerry's Grill
PHP 1,280.00
Crispy Pata - Php485.00

Sinigang na Hipon - Php265.00

Seafood Rice - Php205.00

Chop Suey - Php195.00

Four Season - Php110.00

Tip - Php20.00

ATV/Sky Cycle/Trick Art Museum
PHP 1,500.00
Entrance Fee @Ocean Tower
PHP 150.00
Copy of Pictures
PHP 350.00
Tip to ATV Guide
PHP 50.00
Fruitshakes @Jonah's Fruitshakes
PHP 330.00
BBQ @Jonah's Fruitshakes
PHP 80.00
Tricycle from Station 1 to Hotel
PHP 100.00
Dinner @ Shakey's
PHP 838.75
Appetizer Sampler - Php530.00

 2 Lemon Cucumber Cooler - Php160.00

Blue Lemon Slush - Php80.00

Breakfast/Lunch @Globy
PHP 895.00
Lechon Kawali - Php190.00

Bulalo - Php290.00

3 Rice - Php25.00

Tilapia - Php170.00

Vietnamese Spring Rolls - Php170.00

PHP 250.00
Pedicab Fare
PHP 40.00
Tricycle Fare from Station 2 to Seaport
PHP 100.00
Boat Fare from Boracay to Caticlan
PHP 600.00
Including Van Transfer from Caticlan to Kalibo

Terminal Fee
PHP 90.00
Accommodation @Kalibo Hotel
PHP 1,736.00
Tricycle Fare from Kalibo Hotel to Terminal
PHP 30.00
Entrance Fee @Sampaguita Gardens
PHP 150.00
Tricycle Fare from Terminal to Sampaguita Gardens
PHP 60.00
Tricycle Fare from Sampaguita Gardens to Ramboy's
PHP 120.00
Dinner @Ramboy's
PHP 605.00
Liempo - Php290.00

Fried Rice - Php80.00

2 Four Seasons - Php60.00

Lumpiang Shanghai - Php140.00

Pineapple Juice - Php35.00

Breakfast @McDonald's
PHP 300.00
Entrance Fee @Eco-Park & Manrgoves
PHP 130.00
Bottled Water (4pcs)
PHP 80.00
Pedicab Fare (Kalibo Tour)
PHP 800.00
Lunch @La Nena's Ihaw Ihaw
PHP 356.00
4-Hour Extension @Kalibo Hotel
PHP 400.00
Airport Terminal Fee
PHP 450.00
PHP 18,428.75
PHP 6,142.92

Backyard BBQ

If you don't love meat, then don't ever come to this place. Eating in this restaurant taught me how to love my body, with all the excess fat. I love their posts on the wall, specially the one that says "The Meatier The Sexier"! 
Diet is really not an option since "The Meatier, The sexier"!
When you eat here, you'll help the vegetables have a longer life!
After a very tiring morning with all the activities we've done, we need a sumptuous lunch. The restaurant is really full when we got there, and had to wait until we are seated. Lunch time in this restaurant is really busy but glad we were accommodated.
Surf & Turf - Php385.00
And since it's a very busy restaurant you have to be very patient until they take your order.  Don't worry, when you get your food, it's all worth it.
The food serving and the taste of the food in this restaurant is worth the wait and the price.  Even their plating will make you drool and yet satisfied.
The Best Pork Belly - Php200.00
Since diet is not an option when you dine here, make sure to order the most sinful meal you want :) And don't forget to take a picture in the "Face on the Wall" just in front of the restaurant.
Click the images below for the menu:
It's easy to spot when you walk around the D' Mall. They also have a branch in Makati City, although I'm not sure if the food they serve there is the same with their Boracay's branch. 

Address: D'Mall, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan


Snorkeling is one of the first activities in Boracay that has became very popular in the early years. I first experience it on my very first trip to Boracay in 2010. Actually, a lot of my firsts happened on that trip. I had my very first Henna Tattoo, my first Snorkeling, and most of all my first time to fly!
I didn't enjoy my first snorkeling because I was kind of scared with the shadow of the plants underwater so I just take a short peek and stopped. Then I just enjoyed swimming with the life vest on. But this time, I was able to enjoy it. Not sure if it's because the location is different and there are a lot of fishes underwater.
Snorkeling is done before Island Hopping, since it's part of the package. It usually done near the Crocodile Island. Tambisaan port can also be seen from afar.

It was raining and the waves are bit strong at the time but it didn't stop us from snorkeling. If you're going to snorkel and want to have souvenirs, then better bring an underwater camera. Seeing the fishes and what's it's like underwater is amazing, but it's more amazing when there are photos you can check when you want to look back.
If you are afraid to dive and wants some good photos, you can always ask the boatman to take some for you. I wish I can do it, but I'm scared to dive. In order for the fishes to come near you must have some fish food or soft bread. So make sure to buy bread before heading to snorkeling.
Don't be like us, we forgot to buy bread, good thing the boatmen are kind enough to give us. It's maybe part of their protocol since it's their usual job. It's not much though, but we're still thankful. And when we ran out of it, we used the bread and the patty of the burger we brought.
While we were having a break, my friend told me that this is nothing compare to the underwater in Coron, Palawan, but I find it more amazing than the the one in Honda Bay, Palawan. The fishes are more beautiful, not to mention there's a lot.
I can't wait to see what the underwater of Coron looks like, but for the meantime, I had enjoyed snorkeling underwater of Boracay Island. The package is only 3 hours long so we only stayed for less than an hour then headed for an island hopping.
If you got thirsty while snorkeling or crave of a buko juice, don't fret because there's a vendor roaming around with a lot of buko (young coconut). The price is more than half the price off shore, but you have no choice. Besides, it must be hard on him under the hot sun all day and with waves. I didn't see one when we were there in 2014 though. Not sure if it's no longer allowed or I just haven't seen them.
If you want to play with the fishes and see how it looks like underwater, you must try this activity. We got the package for Php1,500.00 for 3 persons for a maximum of 3 hours. Snorkeling gears are provided by the boatmen. Snorkeling is one of my favorite activities in Boracay.


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