About Me

I'm a purchasing agent by profession but a wanderer at heart. A wanna be travel guru, a coffee addict, an anime lover and a homebody, well except when it comes to traveling!

I know I have a long way to be called a professional blogger so please bear with me. I just need to travel more, though I need more time and of course enough budget!

I promised myself that I shall never travel out of the country not until I explore the Philippines, but as promises are made to be broken, I've traveled to two other countries already. This however, will not stop me from exploring the beautiful travel spots in my beloved country.

Traveling and watching a movie alone are my dreams!  I already did the first one, so hopefully I will have the courage to do the second one soon.

Oh and let me tell you a secret, traveling alone is actually more fun and convenient than traveling in a group! You can do whatever you like, go wherever you like, whenever you want!

For any suggestions or comments, please drop me a message.

(By the way, I enjoy making an itinerary, so if you need help in making one, message me :)
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