Self-Service Lockers at the Citygate Outlets

Want a luggage-free day while exploring Hong Kong as soon as you arrive? During our trip to Hong Kong, we have the perfect time of arrival and departure. We will arrive in Hong Kong at 7:10 am and since we're already near Ngong Ping, we decided on going there directly from the airport.
We don't want to bring our luggage going to Ngong Ping so I have searched for storage services in Hong Kong.

We opt for the self-service lockers at the basement of Citygate Outlets because it's near and way cheaper. When we arrived, the mall is already open so we got the chance to ask around. To get there, take a bus or taxi from the Airport. 
Bus Station at the Citygate Outlets
Ngong Ping Cable Car Station as seen from the terminal
If you take a bus, you will be dropped off at the mall's terminal facing the Ngong Ping Cable Car station. From the terminal, walk the direction where the buses are facing, then turn left as soon as you reach the end of the wall. When you see the Circle K or signage of the Tung Chung MTR station on your right, turn left and you'll see the mall's entrance.
Stores on the right side coming from the Bus Terminal
If you're going to take a taxi, ask the driver to drop you off near the entrance of the mall. You'll find a directory as soon as you enter but it's no help since only the stores are there. Just turn right as soon as you pass the escalator, elevator going to the basement is on the left side.
Citygate Outlets' Directory
The path leading to the elevator is located in between the K-Swiss outlet and the City Chain Outlet on the Ground Floor.. Turn right to get to the elevator (don't turn left because that's the restrooms!).
 The path in between the K-Swiss and City Chain Outlets stores going to the elevator
Turn right if you're going to the elevator or left if you want to use the restroom.
The self-service lockers are located at the Basement Level 2 & 3 of the Citygate Outlets. We used the ones at level 2, but they are probably the same with the ones at Level 3.
Lockers as seen just outside the elevator
When we arrived there, no one is around so we were able to figure out how it works, without causing any delays to others. For first timers, it's overwhelming because you have to do it yourself and figure out how to do it. The instruction is in Chinese but there's an English translation just below it so just follow them.
My friend figuring out how to use the locker while I take pictures :). My luggage and hers on the side
We don't have an Octopus card yet so we had to use cash in paying. For convenience, make sure to buy Octopus card as soon as you arrive. You just have to tap and you're ready to go.
Locker containing our luggage. Wasn't able to take picture of it while still open :(
I have a small luggage and my friend has a medium-size so we picked the "Large" locker. They fit perfectly and when I peeked inside, I think 2 medium-size luggage or 1 large-size and 1 small one will still fit perfectly. 

Please click below for the guides:

Self-Service Lockers
Basement Levels 2 & 3, Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 8:00am to 11:00pm Daily
Phone#: (852)2109-1332
Please find below for the rates:
Please keep in mind that when we got there, it's still early so there are no people yet to use the same service. But when we got back at almost noon, there are a lot of people waiting for an empty locker.


  1. exactly what ive been searchin''re great lakwatserongligaw... many thanks =)

    1. Thank you! Glad I could be of help! :) Please follow my blog:)

  2. Only one large locker for your 2medium size bag? Coz also were planning to go straight there all the way from airport.

    1. Hi, yes. You can see in the pictures the sizes of our luggage so you will have an idea of how big our luggage are. I hope this helps. Please follow my blog :)

  3. Thanks for writing this! Definitely will use this service when I land in Hong Kong way too early to check into my hostel :)

  4. Hi, It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks cheapest self storage singapore


  5. Wow, this is really interesting reading. I am glad I found this and got to read it. Great job on this content. I like it.


  6. Hi there, I think your only writing based from your experience. Question, If I would like to leave it for 4~6 hours, shall I pay HKD 20 or HKD 60? Does it allow you to pay in advance or you just pay for the first two hours and you will pay the excess upon pick-up? Thanks!

  7. Very helpful. Followed by word and locker problem resolved.


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