Citygate Outlets Self-Service Lockers User Guide (Pick-up)

When we deposited our luggage no one was there, but when we got back to claim it, there's a long line of people waiting for an empty locker. We were excited to go to Ngong Ping that we didn't pay attention on the instruction on how to pick-up. So when we got back, we had to rush since there's a long line.

I know this is very simple, but at it would be very helpful, for first timers like us to avoid the same mistake we had. You can refer to the guide below before your flight or before you actually claim it.

1. Select language on touch screen.

2. Select pick-up belongings.

3. Scan your barcode ticket to automatically open the locker's door. We didn't pay any extra charge so the door opened automatically. But I believed, you will be asked to pay first if ever you have to before the door opens.

4. The locker's door will open once only so please make sure to get all your belongings before closing it.

Please click here on the guide on how to deposit your luggage.


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