Sariaya, Quezon

The last town on my list when I visited Quezon Province is Sariaya. From Tayabas, I went back to the hotel to check-out then head to Sariaya. I decided on exploring this town last because I can easily get on the bus from there going to the port.

Sariaya is the only Mount Banahaw town in Quezon and Laguna provinces that has a sea coast. One of the acknowledged heritage centers in Southern Tagalog. What really catch my attention every time I pass by the town of Sariaya is the old house not far from the Church.

Sariaya like the neighboring towns in Quezon also has its own festival. Every Mary 15, they have celebrate the Agawan Festival. It's a religious festival that they celebrate to honor the town's patron, San Isidro Labrador. This feast is almost the same as the "Pahiyas Festival" of Lucban.

Agawan is the tagalog word for snatching. People hang "kipling", a local delicacy, candies, and other food goodies on a pliant bamboo tree top and people from other town deliberately snatch the food and carry it home. with them.

Another festival that they celebrate every December 15 is the Belen Festival. It's to commemorate the birth of infant Jesus. The locals display their Christmas creches decorate creatively by using either clay, plaster or ceramic models to signify the scene.

Quezon Province is really one of the provinces with interesting histories and colorful celebrations. If you have enough time when you visit the province, make sure to explore Sariaya and the other neighboring towns. You'll never know what you will discover.

In a short period of time, these are the attractions that I've seen when was there: 
1. Governor Natalio Enriquez Ancestral House

It's actually one of the reasons why I wanted to visit Quezon Province. The structure of the house is really interesting. And when I visited, looked at it rather from outside, I found out that is the Ancestral House of the former Governor Natalio Enriquez.

2. Sariaya Church (Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Church)
A few steps from the house is the town's church, the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Church. Same as the other churches in the Philippines, this one suffered a lot, from natural to man-made disasters. The first structure was built in 1599, second was built in 1605, the third in 1641. When the town transferred to Lumangbayan the church which was built in 1703 was destroyed by earthquakes and more>>

3. Sariaya Town Plaza & Municipal Hall
In front of the church is the town plaza that honors Jose Rizal, the country's national hero. His monument is standing facing the town's municipal hall. Walking near and around the plaza are the other ancestral houses, the witnesses of all the important histories of the province. The only witness that's still standing until more>>

4. Sariaya Old House
One of the old houses that almost cover the entire block and also standing not far from the church is the house of the former mayor, Don Catalino Rodriguez. The house was built by artisans from Bulacan and Pampanga in the 1920's. If you walk from there to the streets near the house, you'll find other ancestral houses that will definitely catch your more>>
If you get hungry while walking around town, why not try the bread at the Sariaya Bread House. It's known for pastries, specially the Pinagong, a very tasting bread (shaped like a fist) that is perfect to go with black coffee.

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