Luggage Storage Service at the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal

Another option for a luggage storage service is the one at the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal. If  there are no available lockers at the Citygate Outlets, then head to the nearest cable car station to leave your stuff there. It's a bit expensive, though, compare to the one at the Citygate Outlets.

When I was searching for a luggage storage services before our flight, I have emailed Ngong Ping about their service and they are very prompt. Aside from that, Yuki Tsui, the person I talked to was very helpful. She even told me how to get to Ngong Ping and what other options to get there. 

Anyway, for their luggage service, the rate is HK$80 for a day. No limit on sizes or weight and no booking is needed. We will only stay for a couple of hours in Ngong Ping so this is not the best option for us. When you arrive at the terminal, you can ask their staff for assistance.

Please keep in mind that you are required to claim your luggage within the opening hours on the same day. The terminal is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm on Weekdays and 9:00am to 6:30pm on Weekends and Public Holidays.

The terminal tends to become very busy in the afternoon so you better plan on going there early. It's a Saturday when we visited and were there at around 8:30 am. We waited for 30 minutes before the opening and less people are waiting. But when we got back at around 11:00am, the line is very long.

For information, please contact Ngong Ping through their website:

Please click here for the luggage storage at the Citygate Outlets.


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