Hong Kong Arrival Procedure

Going to other countries always make us so excited but at the same time be very careful. No one wants so get in trouble when you're not in your home country with no friends or family to help you when you encounter a problem.

When I go out of the country or even out of town, I make sure to check what are the basic procedure for ease in traveling. So before our trip to Hong Kong, I searched on what to do upon arrival. 
For arriving passengers, please follow these simple steps so you can go on your adventure hassle-free. Before proceeding to the Immigration Hall, please have the following documents ready:
  • A valid passport;
  • A completed arrival card. It's normally distributed by the airline before landing, but if you didn't get one, you can always get one at the Immigration Hall.
Getting to Immigration Hall after disembarking the plane takes about 8 minutes. Just follow the signage posted along the hallway and you won't miss it.

When you arrive at the Immigration Hall, be very mindful in taking pictures. I missed the sign about "No Taking Photos" because I'm too excited to start exploring the country.
Hong Kong is very popular and a lot of tourists visit the country so expect a long line at their immigration. We arrived early so the line is short and the procedure was fast. The friend that I'm with in this trip always goes to Hong Kong and she said the line goes beyond the barrier set-up at the Immigration Hall during the peak hours.


Important Note:
Make sure to keep the small paper you get from Immigration because you need it when you leave the country. For Filipino tourists, they no longer stamp the passport, they just give this small paper; I almost lost mine!

After immigration check, you can now proceed to the Baggage Reclaim Hall to claim your baggage. The baggage carousel is located just after you pass the immigration. 
I've only been to one other country and I'm so amazed at how big the Hong Kong International Airport is, and I can't help myself in comparing. For any lost or damaged baggage, please contact the airline immediately.
After you reclaim you baggage, you can now proceed to Customs & Excise control. If you have something to declare you can use the Red Channel. If not, then you can use the Green Channel.
The Departments implements this system at all entry points to expedite the clearance of arriving passenger. All incoming passengers are advised to choose the appropriate channels for Customs clearance.

Proceed to Red Channel if there are Goods to Declare:
  • Any prohibited/controlled items; and/or prohibited;
  • Any dutiable commodities not entitles to or exceeding their exempted quantities.
Passengers are liable to:
  • Prosecution and confiscation of the prohibited/controlled items if they are unable to produce a valid license or permit;
  • Duty payment on/confiscation of the dutiable commodities not entitles to or in excess of the exempted quantities.

Proceed to the Green Channel if you have nothing to declare:
  • Do not have any dutiable goods or prohibited/controlled items;
  • Have dutiable goods in compliance with the exempted quantities.
Passengers are liable to:
  • Prosecution/penalty if they are found having undeclared/incompletely declared dutiable commodities;
  • Prosecution and confiscation of the prohibited/controlled items if they are found having any of them without a valid license/permit.
For more information or list of prohibited/controlled items, you may visit their website at http://www.customs.gov.hk/en/home/index.html.
At the Buffer Hall, if ever you want to eat or shop, there's a great selection of restaurants and stores to choose from.

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