10 Must See Attractions in Tayabas, Quezon Province!

Updated: October 19, 2016
A home for the finest Lambanog (local alcoholic drink) in the country was a former capital of Quezon Province. The city is known for its sweet delicacies, heritage houses, historical landmarks and tourism resorts. It’s named City of Festivals because of its wonderful and colorful festivals.

The city is known for its tourist attractions in all kinds.  The city possessed the best lands, the oldest parishes and most active commercial centers.  Former Presidents Manuel Quezon described it as the richest and gayest places in the province. 

You might get confused when you visit the town, because the locals still call Quezon Province as Tayabas.  So you have to be specific about the town of Tayabas and not the province. Tayabas was one among the biggest towns in the country.  It’s also one of the towns that have given a title “Villa”.  During that time, it’s an honor being given this title.

Tayabas, same as the other towns in the country, also suffered a lot during the World War II.  It was in the history that the old houses of Tayabas rival those of Vigan’s prior to the bombing raid at the end of the war.  Walking around the town, you can still see some of the remaining old houses, though some of them were renovated already.

If City of Lucena has Pasayahan sa Lucena Festival and Lucban has the Pahiyas Festival every May, Tayabas has its Mayohan sa Tayabas Festival. A grand, colorful and folksy parade of the welcome arc decorated with flowers and other indigenous materials.  Hagisan ng Suman is also celebrated during the Mayohan sa Tayabas.

If you really want to witness a lot of colorful and grand festivals every May, Quezon Province is the best place to be.  That’s my next project, coming here during these festivals.

For the meantime, here are the attractions that I've been to while I was there:

1. Tayabas Basilica (Minor Basilica of Saint Michael Archangel)
This is considered one of the oldest and biggest churches in the country.  Renowned for the having the shape of a key, its aisle is considered the longest in the country. This church was originally established in 1578 and has a lot of renovations, reconstructions and expansions. The church as it stands now was completed in 1894. When I asked the old lady I met in the bus about the church, she asked me if I want to get married there.  Then explained that people always make a joke that some of the brides want to get married there so that they have enough time to change their mind...read more>>

2. Casa Comunidad de Tayabas
Not far from the church is this centuries-old building. I decided to walk from the church going to the market, hoping to see some of the old houses that are still standing when I saw this building.  At first, I thought it’s an old house so I started taking pictures. But when I saw the arc at the entrance that reads “Mayohan sa Tayabas”, I know then that it’s must be important part of the town’s history. Here is where Aplonario “Hermano Pule” Dela Cruz, a native of Lucban, tried and sentenced to death.  Used to be a one of the grand tribunal in the country, it now serves as a museum and national library of the province.  I went there to check the artifacts and other important items, but it’s closed. I contented myself looking at the print-out displayed at the ground floor.read more>>

3. Mi Casa en Tayabas
Just a few minutes walk from Casa Comunidad is the Mi Casa en Tayabas.  I've read a lot of good reviews about this hotel so I wanted to see it for myself.  I'm not sure if they have guests at the time I went there, but I didn't see anyone.  At the entrance, it's just a simple hotel I can't say the same with their lobby, though.  It's unique and as expected from the town that is rich in history and antiques, this hotel has few, displayed on the walls. The wall was painted in orange and I like fiery accent that emphasize the antiques displayedread more>>

4. Malagonlong Bridge

One of the reasons I will have to come back to Quezon, specifically Tayabas, is this old bridge.  I need to see the beauty of this treasure.

Other Places of Interest in Tayabas: 

5. Nuestra Senora de Dolorosa

6. Santuario Delas Almas

7. Calle Budin

8. Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

9. Graceland Estates & Country Club

10. Nuestra Senora de Dolorosa

From Tayabas church, you might want to walk around to see the old houses. Quezon province, like other Southern Tagalog provinces also has a lot of old houses. Some of them were restored/renovated, others were left ruined. 
And if you are brave enough, try the Lambanog.  Don't worry, they have a lot of options for flavors.
And while you're at it, don't forget to buy the very tempting Yema Cake at Rodillas. I had a taste of it and it's really delicious! 

Please click here on how to get to Tayabas, Quezon Province.

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