Casa Comunidad de Tayabas

Not far from the church is this centuries-old building. I decided to walk from the church going to the market, hoping to see some of the old houses that are still standing when I saw this building.  At first, I thought it’s an old house so I started taking pictures. But when I saw the arc at the entrance that reads “Mayohan sa Tayabas”, I know then that it’s must be important part of the town’s history.

View from the street coming from the church
Arch at the entrance of the building
Here is where Aplonario “Hermano Pule” Dela Cruz, a native of Lucban, tried and sentenced to death.  Used to be a one of the grand tribunal in the country, it now serves as a museum and national library of the province.  I went there to check the artifacts and other important items, but it’s closed. I contented myself looking at the print-out displayed at the ground floor.
Old Calesa displayed at the ground floor
This building was restored by the National Historical Institute in 1991, but when you go inside it still looks neglected and not maintained. When you visit Tayabas and plan on visiting this place, go there during weekdays.

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