Quezon Provincial Capitol

Formely known as Tayabas Provincial Capitol (still has this name on the building) is located at the very center of Lucena City and known to the Lucenahin as just the Kapitolyo.
It’s easy to see because it has a big sign at the corner of Perez Park, that you can see even from inside the jeepney.  It's also the corner where the jeepney turn left to Lucena town proper.
The Capitol was built over a century ago; constructed in 1908 on a land donated by then Governor Filemon Perez. His statue can be found just before the flag pole a few meters from the building.
It was declared as a a National Historical Landmark in 2010. National Historical Institute noted that the "State of Disorder" of the building and started with the restoration the following year. I wasn't able to go inside the building so I can't tell if the restoration is finished already.
On top of the capitol scattered 24 statues of men & representing the different livelihood in the province. I never had a chance to go inside the capitol because of limited time but seeing it from the outside is enough for me. It’s one of the biggest and beautifully-built Provincial Capitols I’ve seen.
Adjacent to the Provincial Capitol is the Provincial Governor's Office & the Social Service Office. Behind it is the Quezon Convention Center.
When you arrive in the capitol or hear a siren during your stay, don't be alarmed. Nothing is happening, it’s a regular occurrence in the vicinity.  They do these three times a day; 7: 00am, 12:00noon and 5:00pm. It serves as a virtual alarm clock to the people.

While you are there, why not this Park that is a popular spot for the locals. I've seen a lot of people when I visited. It must really be the favorite place for family picnic, dating, playing and just reminiscing.  I saw teens with their skateboards and bikes, some asked me for a photograph.   
Some teens are with their partners just enjoying each other’s company. A group of people look like practicing a dance number. I’ve seen families too that are having a picnic and little kids playing around. There’s loud music in the park, probably provided by the government, which sets joggers on the mood.

The locals probably don't pay attention to the park since it's a daily occurrence to them. But for a visitor like me, I really like the park. It's clean compare to other parks in Manila.  
There’s one thing in the park that really piqued my curiosity, it's the big stone standing at the center of the park. I checked it and found it's a map of Quezon Province made of stone and with the face of Jose Rizal, the country's National Hero.

Before I visit the Capitol I never knew that there's a Monument of the former President Manuel L. Quezon near.  I just happen to pass by the building and found it.
He’s known as the “Father of National Language”, celebrated every August, also his birth month. Considered by most Filipinos as the 2nd Philippine President, he was the first senate president to be elected to the presidency.  Married to his first cousin, Aurora Quezon.
It was his birthday month when I went there so there are still remnants of the celebration. Dried flowers are scattered around the monument. I stayed for a while to read the writings on the marble behind his Statue.
Please click here to read it as written on the marble.

If you are planning on visiting, please click here on how to get there.


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