Lucban Church (Church of Saint Louis, Bishop of Toulouse)

This church is one of the oldest churches in the country. Like many of the old churches this one also suffered a lot – from natural disasters to world wars.
The first church was created in 1593 but ruined in 1629. It was constructed again between 1630 and 1640 but seriously damaged by fire in 1733.
Reconstructed again in 1738 but partially destroyed during the World War II in 1945. The Philippine Historical Commission renovated it in 1966.
The church is located at the town proper of Lucban and near the supermarket.  So expect street vendors within the vicinity. There should be a monument just beside the fence of the church but because of the vendors, it almost can't be seen.

I was looking for a good angle but because of the vendors I ended up climbing up the wall.  Almost perfect, but a jeepney is parked and blocking the view.
Make sure you don’t miss checking the church’s miniature.  It’s at the right side from the main entrance of the church. The miniature is decorated with lights and the caretaker will switch it on as soon as he finds out you are taking pictures.  
There are also normalhouses with Pahiyas decorations in front of the church's miniature.  Old paintings/pictures of the church and events are also posted on the wall above the miniature church.
Outside the church is a basketball court and well-made benches. It’s my first time to see a church with a basketball court in front.  Most of them are located outside the vicinity or far from the church.
For some reason I want my mother to see this church, so I will definitely come back here with her. 

How to get to Lucban Church from Quezon Premier Hotel:
Take a jeepney that passes by the hotel bound for Lucena City/Bayan.  Tell the driver to drop you off at the Diversion Road. Regular Fare is Php8.000.

At the Diversion Road, go to the jeepney terminal bound for Lucban located just beside Jollibee.  Tell the driver to drop you off near the church. You can also ask the local passengers where the church is. I did and the man pointed to me where to go when we arrived at the town proper. Regular fare is Php30.00 and travel time is less than 45 minutes.

Helpful Tip:
The jeepney going to Lucban is different from the ones in the city. It’s big and doesn’t leave until all seats are taken.

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  1. Thank you for the info. I just saw your pics and commentaries and I will definitely visit the church and the whole of Lucban. I love their longanisa!

  2. i wish i could finally visit Lucban, not just because i wanna reach the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine but because i wanna reach my lover's hand as well. She lives in Lucban the reason why i pretty much love to get there soon. Thank you for spoiling me already! ;>


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