Eker and Ely Lukban Langgonisa and Pasalubong

This pasalubong store is located just after the native products stores. They are also well known for their longganisa (local version of chorizo).  When I asked some locals where to buy longganisa, they told me to go to Eker.
Aside from longganisa, they also offered lots of treats & sweets.
 Different kinds of Pasalubong available at Eker
 I was just so lucky they are currently preparing the longganisa when I get there, so I ask if I can take pictures.  They were kind enough to allow me, though they don't want their pictures to be taken with the longganisa.
I wanted to buy longganisa but I still have to travel to Marinduque for 9 hours. The staff is very helpful when I asked her and told me to come in the afternoon.  That way I don't have to worry about it being spoiled if I'm still going to explore Lucban before going to Marinduque.
Make sure to buy pasalubong here when you visit Lucban, Quezon. There's one branch near the Lucban church and near the native stores.


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