Mi Casa En Tayabas

Just a few minutes walk from Casa Comunidad is the Mi Casa en Tayabas.  I've read a lot of good reviews about this hotel so I wanted to see it for myself.  I'm not sure if they have guests at the time I went there, but I didn't see anyone.
At the entrance, it's just a simple hotel I can't say the same with their lobby, though.  It's unique and as expected from the town that is rich in history and antiques, this hotel has few, displayed on the walls. The wall was painted in orange and I like fiery accent that emphasize the antiques displayed. 
Antiques displayed at the lobby/reception area of the hotel 
It's almost lunch time when I visited so I decided on eating at thei.  At the reception area, I was told to wait so while waiting I took several pictures.  The staffs are polite and very accommodating, typical for most local in the province.
Hallway going to the restaurant
Altar along the hallway to the restaurant
I didn't wait that long and guided to their dining area.   I took more pictures on my way to their dining area.  I really felt so at home in this place.  It didn't feel like I'm in a hotel at all, probably because of the ambiance. When I arrived at the dining area the first thing I saw was the old fashioned equipment that used to squeeze the juice from sugar cane, I just forgot what it's called.
Old fashioned equipment used for extracting juice from sugar cane
Old fashioned tools for measuring
The dining area looks like the typical dining for old houses. I ordered for their local dish called Tayabas Express, their own version of Bicol Express, though it's not spicy. While waiting for the food, I explored around the area and found a lot of interesting things.  
Tayabas Express - their version of Bicol Express
What caught my attention at the dining area is the tree that goes up and out of roof.  They did not cut it, instead they put a hole in the roof so it to keep on growing.
Women's Restroom
After I eat I linger for a few minutes and talked to one of the staff. He's very friendly and even showed me how to use the sugar cane equipment.  I wished I can explore more of this hotel, but I need to go to my next destination.  I will make sure to stay here when I visit Tayabas again.


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