Citygate Outlets Self-Service Lockers User Guide (Deposit)

For first timers like us, who didn't know how to use a self-service lockers, here's the guide. It's very useful if you are planning on exploring the tourists attractions near Hong Kong International Airport. To get to the Citygate Outlets' Self-Service Lockers, please click here.
As soon as you enter the area, read the instruction carefully. We were able to do it the 2nd time we tried. 

1. Language- Select  language on touch screen.

2. Storage Rental - Select "Storage Rental"

3. Locker's Size - Select the locker Size (Small or Large) then click "OK". We used the Large size and it can accommodate 1 small-size (20") and 1 medium-size (24") luggage. I've seen the inside and I think 2 medium-size or 1 large-size and a small-size luggage will still fit perfectly.
4.  Payment - As soon as you click "OK' you will be asked to pay for first 2 hours. Insert Hong Kong note(s) in the device with a $ sign. Or pay by Octopus card by tapping it on the yellow device. It's more not only to pay this but also other transactions in Hong Kong using the Octopus card. So make sure you buy as soon as you arrive.

5. Barcode TicketAa barcode ticket will be issued as soon as you paid and the locker's door will open autautomatically. Please note that you can't choose a locker, as it will offer whatever is available.

6. Close the locker door and retain the barcode ticket. You will need it when you pick-up your luggage.

For the rates, please see below.
Self-Service Lockers
Basement Levels 2 & 3, Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 8:00am to 11:00pm Daily
Phone#: (852)2109-1332

For the guide on how to claim or pick-up you luggage, click here.


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