How to Get Out of Hong Kong International Airport?
Hong Kong is one of the countries that has a very convenient and reliable means of transportation. You won't have any problems getting out of the airport after you passed through customs.

Here are the options when you are ready to go out and explore the city:

Airport Express
Airport Express Station at the airport
The fastest and convenient way to get to Central Hong Kong. The train station is located inside the airport and you can just hop in after you finished with customs. It only takes a maximum of 30 minutes ride up to Hong Kong Station. Fare is HK$100.00 for a single journey ticket up to the farthest station, which is Hong Kong Station. For the latest updates and rates, please click here.

For a cheaper rate in Airport Express and MTR tickets or tourist attraction passes, you can buy them online at Klook

For schedules, latest schedules and estimated travel time, you can check the MTR website and upload the app in your mobile:

You can also enjoy a free connections when you buy and use your Octopus card in taking the Airport Express to interchange to any MTR lines. To avail this, use the same Octopus card with sufficient value to interchange within one hour of arrival between the Airport Express at Hong Kong, Kowloon or Tsing Yi stations and the interconnecting MTR line. To know more, please read here.
Inside the Airport Express train
And if you are visiting for a day, you can enjoy a free return journey when you travel on the Airport Express for a round trip to and from the Airport within the same day. This offer is applicable to both Octopus and Same Day Return Ticket holders, except journey between Airport and Asia World-Expo stations.

A complimentary Airport Express Shuttle bus service is provided for Airport passengers traveling between Hong Kong or Kowloon stations and major jotels and railways interchanges. Before boarding though, you have to show proof or eligibility including Airport Express train tickets, Airlina ticket/boarding pass, Airport Staff Octopus, AsiaWorld-Expo entry pass or even tickets. For schedules and stops, click here.

Bus terminal at Citygate Outlets
Hong Kong International Airport is well served by public buses, taking passengers from the airport to most parts of Hong Kong. Compare to Airport Express or Taxis, bus is inexpensive but still convenient.

For schedules, fares and bus location map, please click here. For more details and latest updates, please refer to the Citybus website or Long Win Bus website

When boarding a bus, make sure to tender exact fare or better yet pay using the Octopus Card.  

I have never tried riding the bus even the Ding Ding Tram when we were there because we're always in a hurry and MTR is still convenient than the bus.  

If you are going to a specific place aside from MTR Stations and you want to be brought in front of the hotel or a tourist spot, you can just take a taxi. It's convenient but of course expensive. Taxis in Hong Kong are color coded according to their Operating areas. See below for the colors and the corresponding locations they serviced.
Red is assigned to Urban taxis that serve all destination troughout Hong Kong including the airport & Tung Chung Road and roads in Sout Lantau.

Green is for New Territories (N.T.) taxes that serve only the new territories and specific roads in Lantau. 

Blue is for Lantau taxis that serve all destinations in Lantau and the airport.

The taxi stand is located just below the Airport. When you see the Airport Express train, turn left and go down the stairs.Just follow the arrow posted along the way to get to the taxi stand.
Taxi fare depends on how far your destination is, to get an estimate please click here. Please note that there's an extra charge of HK$5.00 for every luggage you have, small or big. And if you are taking a taxi crossing the island or pass through the tunnel, you will be charged for the toll fee. We forgot about it when we transfer from L'Hotel Island South to Silka Seaview Hotel. So paid an additional HK$70.00 on top of the regular fare for the toll fee.
When taking a taxi, make sure you print the address of your destination so the driver can understand. Although some of them understand a little English, it's still best to show them the address in Chinese.

If you have enough budget and don't want to walk, you can always book a car through Uber. It's very convenient but of course very expensive. I read some reviews about Uber service in Hong Kong and a lot them are not happy with the service.


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