Salt and Pepper Steakhouse and Lodge Inn Hotel (Formerly Salt & Pepper Diner)

This Diner, which is located at the Sagada town proper, was our first stop after a long travel. Perfect for an early breakfast, specially when you smell their coffee. Sagada coffee, by the way, is my 2nd favorite local coffee next to Matutum of Cotabato. Nothing is fancy in the restaurant (which I really love) but you'll feel at home as soon as you stepped up the stairs.
The diner offers an unlimited serving of hot coffee, which is perfect for the cold weather. Sagada in in a very high elevation so even if you go there when it's not rainy season, it's still cold, and you definitely need that hot brew.
We never had sleep for long hours (you can actually see it in our eyes) but that didn't stop us taking pictures while waiting for the food. That's the secret of a perfect travel, well at least for me lol. Always take pictures so you can have something to look back to when you needed a reminder.

The people in Sagada are really friendly and accommodating. They are not pretentious just because we are the customers. That's what I love about Sagada. 

I wished I took more pictures of the diner but my mind wasn't working due to lack of sleep and the cold. I would love to go back to this diner when I have a chance to visit Sagada again, I need to try their other food in their menu, it's probably delicious.
The hotel is located above the Ug-ugo Souvenir Store beside office of Sagada Genuine Guides Association (SAGGAS). There's a normal signage in front of the diner and you will have to use the stairs to get to the second floor.

Business Hours:
Monday    8am–9pm
Tuesday    8am–9pm
Wednesday    8am–9pm
Thursday    8am–9pm
Friday    8am–9pm
Saturday    8am–9pm
Sunday    8am–9pm
Contact#: (0998)979-8695 | (0908)177-4972
Cuisine: American (Traditional), Sandwiches, Steak and Vegetarian

They now accept credit & debit cards.  Oh and if you ever need a vehicle or a tour package when in Sagada, they offered those services too.


  1. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

    1. Thank you so much, it's an honor to get a comment like that. :)


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