Orange Picking at Rock Farm, Sagada

Sagada is just small province and not much to do or visit there. However, most of the attraction here are really a must see and since it's far from Manila, you would want to visit them all. In case you don't have another chance to visit. Actually, you can visit all of the tourist attractions in just 2 days.
When we visited Sagada, we made sure that we visit all attractions even if it's late at night or too early in the morning. We don't want to wast time!
One of the things to do when you're in Sagada is the Orange Picking at Rock Farm. Our visit in Sagada is perfect because the orange picking season is from November to February. We visited mid of November and was able to pick oranges. I didn't know that Sagada Orange is one of the variety of oranges that's very expensive in Supermarket until I picked them in Sagada.
Orange Picking is the last activity in our itinerary for the day, so it's already dark when we started picking. But that didn't stop me from getting excited, especially when they told me that it's only Php50.00 per kilo. And that i can pick as much as I want and just pay for it later.
They provided us the headlights since it's already dark, to make sure we pick the perfect oranges. You don't need to be told if the oranges are ripe or not because you can see easily tell the difference. If you see a slightly yellowish color oranges, it's ripe already. Before you start picking, you will be told first what to do by one of the staff so no need to worry. Besides, you don't want to pick oranges that you can't eat (LOL).
I never had picked any fruits as many as this so I feel so excited I don't know where to start. Ripe oranges are actually in front of me but since I can see a lot I don't know where to start. And every time I hear my friends shout "Ang dami dito!" I can't help but go there and pick oranges near them.
It's really fun and you can eat as much as you want while you are picking the oranges, and not being charged for it. While picking the oranges I can feel how excited my friends are too! All I can hear is the shouting and the laughter. I wanted to pick a lot but I don't want to worry about carrying them when we arrived in Manila. But don't be like me, make sure you pick more because Sagada oranges are really sweet and juicy and a lot cheaper when bought in the farm! Not to mention that they are really fresh from the trees.
I think we only lasted for 30 minutes picking the oranges, in between laughing and eating, that is when we were told to head back by the guide. While walking walk, we're comparing what we picked while still eating and laughing of course!
The only let down in this activity is the paying time. Since they only have once cashier, we had to wait a little longer to be accommodated Good thing they have antique displays in the room that you can inspect and enjoy, or just take a seat while waiting. I really enjoyed this and would want to do it again, given a chance. Oh and I hope next time we can do the strawberry picking!


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