Kopi Bandar: My Favorite Restaurant in Brunei

Make sure you try the food in this restaurant when you visit Brunei. They are unbelievably delicious and well, for us, very affordable compare to Restoran Kaizen Sushi.
Almost all of the staff in every restaurants we been to are Filipinos so we didn't have a hard time communicating with them. Some of them gave us freebies too!
Teh Tarik (local Iced-Tea) is the well-known local beverage in Brunei and you have to get used to it to love it. For me, this is the iced tea I've been looking for since I tasted one in a restaurant here in Manila. 
Before I ordered I asked a lot about it since they have different kinds of Tarek. I found out that Tarek is the way of doing it. It's like how the bar tender mix their drinks, using 2 pitchers to mix it until there are enough bubbles.
Chinese Fried Rice
Salted Fish Fried Rice
Salted Fish Fried Rice is to die for! The fried rice is tasty, but the crispy salted fish enhanced that taste more. I'm not a fan of beef so I didn't enjoy the KB Satay, I love the chicken though, soft and tender and of course delicious! 
My friends ordered the Sparkling Fruit Drink (Lychee) and when they said it's really good and refreshing, I can't help but try. I didn't order of course because I have the Teh Tarek already. I just ask for a sip, from her glass.
In all the restaurants (not high end) I've been to, this is the only one that has food presentations same as what you see in their menu list. 
Sometimes the food only look delicious because of the presentation in their menu list, but not this one. My mouth is watering just thinking about their food! 
Favorite Dish: Salted Fish Fried Rice | Chinese Fried Rice | Tom Yam Seafood | KB Satay (Chicken & Beef). Actually everything we ordered, I love them!  
Price: less than US$10
Price Comparison: least expensive
Address: BSB Waterfront, Jalan McArthur, Bandar Seri Begaw
Directions: Located just a walking distance from the drop-off point of water taxi going to Kampung Ayer. It's easy to locate, just pass by the Yayasan Complex going to the waterfront.
Phone: +673-2200890
Rating: 5
Theme: Local


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