Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm

Puerto Princesa was already designated as a place where offenders sentenced to banishment as early as the Spanish regime. This facility, however, was only establishment during the American regime. It served as depository for prisoners that can't be accommodated at the Bilibid Prison (Manila City Jail). 
Iwahig's Office taken from the car
Iwahig's Souvenir Shop
Prisoners with long sentenced were kept in a maximum security jail and won't let them roam around until they are rehabilitated.  Those who have short sentenced can roam around the farm wearing an ID with numbers.  Vocational activities such as farming, fishery and forestry are offered. Prisoners are free to choose what activity they want.   
Handicrafts made by prisoners
When I was in High School I had the impression that Iwahig is the worst prison in the country.  However, upon visiting, I can say this is the best place for prisoners.  No walls, just a big rice farm being tend by the prisoners. They can walk freely around the farm and I can even see families probably living there or just visiting.

More handicrafts made by prisoners
Visitors are welcome, and from what I read from other blogs, you can even explore the place for free, with a tour guide of course.  Though you will still feel uneasy because it's a prison and your tour guide is a prisoner. There’s a souvenir shop along the road called Shawn 1225 where you can buy souvenirs that were made by the prisoners.  
Address: Brgy. Iwahig, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
How to get There: Ride a multi-cab going directly to Iwahig for Php50.00.
Entrance Fee: None 


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