Palawan Wildlife Rescue Conservation Center

Formerly known as Crocodile Farm &  Nature Park,  is a sanctuary for crocodiles that were currently included in the list of endangered species.  The center is making ways to increase the number of the Philippine crocodiles.  The Center also takes care of other wild animals and endemic species in the province.
Crocodile's skeleton encased in a glass
Upon entering the main hall, you will see the skeleton of a big salt water crocodile encased in a glass. Its skin was dried and hangs on the wall just above the glass case. It was caught and eventually killed when a child was eaten. 
Matured Crocodile. It's as big as the one displayed at the main entrance.
After the viewing, we were guided to the place where all of the crocodiles are kept.  The tourist guide explains how they were hatched and grows. I never find crocodiles cute and I’m never a fan so I don’t actually enjoy seeing them.  But it’s a good way to know how they are taken care of and how they grow.  
Months old crocodiles
Seeing the small crocodiles never scares me, but the older one did.  They really can become so big and of course deadly.  There is a metal path walk and bridge from where you can see the big crocodiles.  Take a few pictures from afar with them as your background.
After seeing the crocodiles, you can go explore the center on your own. Study the animals that can only be found here or just enjoy the summer breeze while walking under the trees. Where I work, we have a bearcat mascot, and I really wonder how it really looks like.  I finally did and I even carry one!
Binturong or Palawan Bearcat
Visitors who are willing to pay can actually have a picture with a baby crocodile and the bearcat.  I never tried having a picture with the crocodile, but I enjoy carrying and having my picture taken with a bearcat.  Bearcats are known to be naughty and if you come near them they will pee on you.  Though the one I carry was tamed and kind of cute. 
Tamed bearcat that you can carry for only Php20.00.
Address: National Road, Irawan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Phone: +63(2)9296626
How to get there: From the town proper, ride a multi-cab with a sign board "Irawan/Iwahig". Tell the driver to drop you off at Crocodile Farm.  Fare is Php20.00.
Registration Fee: Php40.00 (13yrs & above); Php30.00 (Senior Citizen); Php20.00 (7 - 12 yrs).  Inclusive of Tour.
Tour Schedules: 8:30am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 4:30pm (with intervals of 30 minutes)


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