Kinabuchs Grill & Restaurant

We originally wanted to go to Badjao Seafront Restaurant, but we've heard there are lots of mosquitoes there so we ended up here.  Kinabuchs is accessible via a tricycle or just by walking depends on where you located.  It's usually crowded, so you have to wait for a while to be seated.

Crocodile Sisig
And now the final challenge begins.  Since we are in Puerto Princesa and it's known for their Crocodile Sisig and the Tamilok, we really have to try these.  We are not really that adventurous so we had the deep fried Tamilok and of course the Crocodile Sisig.  Tamilok is often confused as worm, but it's not.  It's actually a mollusk that fall into the category of a squid.  But it should not be described it as Mangrove worms but mollusk or something pleasant.  For me, worm has a distasteful meaning for a local delicacy.
Deep-fried Tamilok
Anyway, even though it's deep fried I only tasted it, but never actually like it.  And after seeing the crocodiles as they swam at the Crocodile Farm, I never enjoyed the Crocodile Sisig either.  I don't know how I am supposed to eat an endangered species that they are trying to preserve. 

Address: 348 Rizal Avenue, Bancao Bancao, Puerto Princesa City
How to get there: Ride a tricycle from anywhere in Puerto Princesa and ask the driver to bring you to Kinabuch's.  Fare is Php8.00 per person or Php50.00 per trip. 
Phone#: +63(48)434-5195


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