Honda Bay

Last day of our adventure and of course, we saved the best for last, the island hopping! Make sure to leave as early as possible to truly enjoy your island hopping. There are lots of islands here that you would want to visit.

Well, since we still in a tour, there are only 2 islands that we were able to see.  But I’m very content with that because that was the first time I enjoyed snorkeling, though they said, it’s nothing compare to Coron.  I will see that for myself, next time Coron! 
Cowrie Island is named after a small-to-large sea snail, marine gastropod mollusk they call "cowrie". It is the nearest of all the islands here from the wharf at Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa.  It’s very ideal for picnic or just basking under the sun. It’s best for snorkeling also, though it gets very crowded.
Cool pictures with special effect taken by one of the locals
StarFish Island,  as the name signifies, you can see lots of starfish in this island. Unlike Cowrie Island, the cottages here are limited.  I was really amazed how close you can get with the starfish.
Address: Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa
How to get there:  Ride a tricycle going to Sta. Lourdes Port.  Fare is Php300.00-Php500.00 drop-off and pick-up. Travel time takes 45 minutes to an hour. Pay the Php18.00 Terminal Fee and then book for a boat. Boat fare ranges from Php1,300.00 to Php1,500.00 for 6 people or Php220.00 to Php250.00 for additional passenger.
What to bring: A change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, mosquito spray, snorkeling equipment, if you have your own.  Or ask the tricycle driver to drop you off at the nearest rental store.
Entrance Fee: It depends on the island you're going to visit.


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