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When I started my blog, I wasted so many times searching for the perfect template for my blog with free of charge on the internet . Until, finally, I found this website that offers not only free but also cute and lovely templates.

Since the template is free, you will have to make do with what it offers. So with some twerking and re-searching on how to personalize the template I like, I finally have my very own, blogger template (as you can see in my blog 😜).

Now, to help other new bloggers out there, I have listed below 64 of the cute and lovely templates from the website "Cute Blog Design" by Cebong Ipiet , that you might find interesting. 

When using the template, please DO NOT remove the copyright without the author's permission. BE RESPECTFUL!

Please click here on how to edit or replace your blog's html.

DISCLAIMER: Editing the HTML might cause for your blog not to work. Make sure to back-up your blog before doing anything.


1. Mommy's Kitchen
For all stay at mom or women who loves cooking, this is the best template for you. A simple but fancy template with colorful stripe background, a beautiful woman cooking with her cooking stuff on the table. Use this kitchen blogger template for your food, cooking, kitchen blog. Download the template here.

2. Baking
This two columns layout has no background graphic, but with a cute header baking graphics as a center of attention. You can just add background graphics if you want to, or just leave it as is, remember LESS is MORE! Use this free cute blog template for your cooking or baking blog. Download the template here.

3. Vintage Cupcakery
A combination of wood texture and cute cupcakes icon, this template is perfect for people who loves vintage. Use this Cupcakes template for your kitchen, cake, bakery blog, and show to the world your sweetest blog. Download the template here.

4. Scrapbook and Cupcake
Another cute template, similar, but not the same with the "Vintage Cupcakery".  It 's perfect for cupcake shop or bakery shop with its wooden wall, combined with scrapbook cupcake graphic style. Ribbon and cute rooftop complete the cupcake shop inspiration. Use this cute template for your personal cupcakery blog, cupcake online shop, or everything about cupcake. Download the template here.

5. Sweet Cupcake
Introducing a new blogger template design, Sweet Cupcake blogger template. As its name, Sweet Cupcake, is suitable for cake, cookies, food, or any recipe blog. See unique header image like a cake menu on your bakery store. Cute navigation bar with cupcake, ice cream, chocolate cookie icon. Seems so delicious! This template is cute and no need for any difficult setting. Download the template here.

6. Cupcake Cookie
Another cupcakes blog design for those who loves baking. The author used cupcake vector from Clarice (I guess she's a friend). This template has two combination color, chocolate and green. You can still change it the way you want to. Three columns with unique and cute cupcakes header image, suits your cake, candy, cookie, cupcake recipe blog. Download the template here. 

7. Cookiez
As its name, Cookiez Free Blogger Template has unique cookies header. Composition of cupcake, ice cream, candy, lollipop, milkshake, and another sweet things. This cute blogger template suits your cake, food, recipe or cookies blog. Download the template here.

8. Food and Cooking
Introducing a new blogger template, Food and Cooking from the same author. The author loves this vector illustration so I use it for header and sidebar image. Such a pretty illustration from Dapino. Three columns layout, fresh and green, detailed with fruits, vegtables, and girl vector image, suitable for food and cooking blog. Download the template here.

8. Work and Stay at Home Mom
Nowadays, it's become a common thing to share our life experience through blogging. Such as personal experience, make money experience, love experience, etc. Yes, blog is not only as personal daily story sharing media, but also as make money online media. That's why, women can work from home just by sitting down in front of laptop. They can make money online from designing, promoting product, reviewing. Download the template here.

9. Houze Idea
A plain, simple, and modern style of blogger template is not so me. Even for home design and home improvement blog, I apply my cute style for this house theme blogger template. Houze Idea , is a blog discuss about house design and home improvement things. For header graphic, I use a stylish woman as a house consultant with home and environment as background pattern. A custom Houze Idea logo, determine. Download the template here.


10. Happy Kiddies
Dear Mommy, this is a special free premium blog template for you. Happy Kiddies, simple yet cute blogspot template for your kids blog. Basically, a mommy love to share anything about her children, so this is a perfect template design for you. Two columns layout with colorful children graphic on header, combine with white plain post and  lower section. No special modern feature such as a slideshow. Download the template here.

11. Cutie Baby
For you mom, who create a blog to share story and experience about your baby, toddler, and children, or even you sell baby clothes, so this is the perfect template for you, Cutie Baby Blogger Template. Dominated with brown and yellow color, this is a neutral template design, both for boy or girl baby. Download the template here.

12. Baby Blue

13. Baby Cute
Do you have a baby? Maybe you want to put baby picture on blog. Or you have baby clothes business? I thinks this template is suitable too, Baby Cute Blogger Template. No complicated setting requirement, you just need to set navigation bar. For 2-Column template, please download it here. For 3-Column download the template here.


15. Secret Diary
Secret Diary, I name this is free premium cute blogger template. Girl character on header read her secret diary represent the theme. I combine cute girl graphics with stripe background and sweet cupcake, suits your personal blog. Two columns with not too many ornaments, give a perfect combination of free premium blogger template for girl. Share your personal story on your blog and let your blog design. Download the template here.

16. I Love Books
I Love Books blog template design is suitable for book or reading blog. A cute girl with her books sit at the backyard. Two columns, books icon, girl on header background, texture background, made your blog appearance nice. Download the template here. 

17. Vintage Diary
Hello, such a really long time no blog post, blog design. ;) And this is free blog template, first template on this year :D Vintage Diary with scrapbooking style. Upload your own logo as header logo for best appearance. Download the template here.

18. Pinky Blue
Hemm what about this? This template is too cute for me ha ha. I embed it with animated emoticon. Download the template here.

19. Pinky Stripe
This template is so cute especially for a girl love pink. I embed it with favicon, and there's three coloumn at lower so it's usefull if your blog have a lot of widget.You can customize using your own header. Download the template here.

20. Me and My Bear
Another cute blogger template/linda plantilla de Blogger for you, Me and My Bear blogger template. Its name based on graphic on header, girl with her bear. As you know, I like to create woman and girl template, so this is also for your girl, use it on your personal diary blog. You also can customize it with another cute blog header. Download the template here.

21. Floral Photo
This is my first edited Blogger Template from new "flexible" Blogger Template code. Actually, I lil bit complicated because it's a long time no tweak any blogger template xml code especially this new one. Floral Photoblog Template, I name it. Yes, this template has full width with no sidebar. You can put your widget on footer. This is because of its purpose special for photography blog, photoblog. Download the template here.

22. Girl Gift
The next series of doodle girly template, Girl Gift. You also can check the previous template, Girl's Life. Still about girl, who won't be happy if someone give us a gift? Every girl likes gift such as clothes, make up, accessories, etc. Even you can use this template for your gift online store. Still same with previous theme, I use fresh color, #e95875, pink, and purple. And look at girl illustration. Download the template here.

23. Girls Life
Girls life blogger template, the girl stuff doodle theme special for teenage girls blog. Usually teenager like to share her daily life story about life, love, friendship, heartbreak, etc. I choose doodle girl stuff as an illustration represent cheer and fun. I also choose fresh color of pink and #e95875. This theme so clean with no complicated background image. About the font, as usual, for girl. Download the template here.

24. Lady Bug
Dear readers, long time no new free blogger template, and this is special for you, Lady Bug blogger template. Look at the cute pastel color choice suitable for a baby blog, personal girl blog, diary blog, kids blog etc. Two columns layout with wide side and post section, allow you to post large photo. Lady Bug among flowers become this blogger template name inspiration. Enjoy this cute Lady Bug. Download the template here.

25. Momochi Girl
Introducing my new blogger template design, Momochi Blogger template. Girly and simply design suitable for your girl personal blog. No complicated setting. There's welcome message section with girl cartoon detail. You can put your daily quote or anything. Download the template here.

27. Flower Garden
Introducing my new design for young girl, Flower Garden Blogger Template. Its name is taken from unique header. Hover your mouse on header and you can see unique transition. Like a butterfly fly over the flower. This template only using javascript, no flash included. Two column with wide sidebar. See cute pink color. Best preview using Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8. Download the template here.

28. Green Scrapbook Diary
Do you love scrapbooking? Looking for scrapbook template for your blog? I guess this is your right template. Green Scrapbook Diary wordpress theme is designed by Kathie and Andrew from Simply WP . I just convert it to blogger and make a lil bit customization. Kathie & Andrew have spent many time to make it free, keep intact their credit footer. No complicated setting. To edit navigation bar. Download the template here.

29. Greeny Girl
Another my blogger template for girl or woman. Green, fresh, cute, (I guess haha). It's so simply no special setting. This template best preview on Firefox, Opera. If you're using Internet Explorer, I suggest you to update the latest version. Download the template here.

30. Pink Holic
Just for you gals, crazy about pink. My Pink Holic blogger template. 3 columns 3 columns at lower welcome note totally pink author photo comment. Download the template here.

31. My Scrap
This is my first trial making my own scrapping using online scrapping site, scrapblog. This blog is so easy to use. More than a thousand theme, graphic, picture you can combine become a beautiful scrapping. The difficulties are making the right size for my template, infact that's not easy to adjust it T_T. Download the template here.

32. Woman
This design is so simple, presented for women. If your blog discussing about woman, beauty, life, you can use this template. Simple layout ease visitor to navigate your site. General Information Two column Personal blog Grey Converted from Free Wordpress Theme (check the credit footer) Customize your own header image. Download the template here.

33. Pinky Girl
Another girly template, pinky stripe background. To show the date, setting your timestamp format to Day, Month Date Year (for example Sunday, February 15 2009). Download the template here.

34. Women's Secret
Another woman theme blogger template. I really admire Enakei's illustration, so chic, feminin, sweet, beautiful. Women's secret illustrate woman's room with all of her secret, make up, diary, jewelry, lovely pet, even lingerie haha. Build your personal diary blog or maybe woman blog tell about all women's secret, women's personal life, women's fashion, women's beauty etc. And impress your reader. Download the template here.

35. Woman Talk
Introducing Woman Talk Blogger Template, dedicated for female, girl, woman personal blog. Talk about everything, love, life, health, money, trend etc. Designed 3 columns for maximizing widget and also unique women talk header image. Description : Women talk header image Navigation menu Feminine purple color 3 columns. Download the template here.

36. Grunge Girl
Grunge girl blogger template, simple and cute blogger template. 3 columns layout, #e95875, swirl vector, cute girl image vector, no complicated setting, make this template suitable for woman/girl blog. Download the template here.

37. She's a Lady
She is a Lady, girly blogger template with unique static image at left side. Customized with lady and swirl vector. Suits your personal diary blog. Download the template here.

38. Girly Magazine
Introducing new free blogger template, Girly Magazine Blogger Template. I design its girl vector image, and my friend, Bie , code it. Demo | Download Girly Magazine Blogger template is designed well with multi navigation menu. Showing your popular categories become easier. Look at cute girl logo and twitter icon on header. You can show your recent update from your twitter. If you're joining make. Download the template here.

39. Paper Girl
As its name, paper girl blogger template is my another girly blogger template. Dominated pink and baby blue color, with pink paper stuff, this template suitable for girl's personal blog/diary blog. Download the template here.

40. Happy Day
Another girly template on this Enakei Korean Sketch Graphics. Really love this girl graphic. Still dominated with baby #e95875and pink color, for cheerful girl. Use on your blog and lets happy blogging. PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Template Feature : - 2 columns layout - Pages - Cute header graphic - Readm. Download the template here.

41. My Memories
Hi girls, still update your blog with your daily story? This sweet and girly template is suitable for you. My Memories Blogger template, designed with lovely sketch graphic from Enakei. PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Download it for free, and keep intact footer links. Happy blogging. Download the template here.

42. WPSora
Introducing, WP Sora blogger template, converted from WP Sora wordpress theme designed by Free Theme Layouts. This template has a bright color, blue and pink, suitable for girly blog. Its cute girl cartoon icon, become an attractive section. Ipietoon convert this for BieTemplates, free blogger template gallery Demo | Download Installation Setting Upload XML Click on download link Save xml file. Download the template here.

43. Kiddiez Shop
Kiddiez Shop is a remake of Childhood Memory blogger template. I remake this cute kids template become kiddiez online shop template. I didn't make any changes of illustration, just redesign blog layout become gallery style that represent online store template. Suitable for kids fashion blog, kids toys blog, and many more about children. This is free template and I give it as it is, no special support. Download the template here.

44. Pinky Fashion Store
After long series of custom blog design, here is free blogger template, Pinky Fashion Store. Nowadays many work at home mom use blog as their online store. And special for you, Pinky Fashion Store blogger template. Gallery style makes your online store looks great. This boutique template suitable for bag online store, fashion online store, beauty online store etc. This is free template and I give. Download the template here.

45. Shopping Girls
Girl, who doesn't love shopping?! This shopping girls template suitable for shopping tips, suggestion, coupon codes, shopping place, shopping promo, or even your online shopping store.
Download the template here.

46. Purple Kitty Store
For kitty pussy cat lover, here for you Purple Kitty Store Blogger Template. Sell your loveable product and impress your customer with this cute blog template. Look at the header, kitty at her store, sell bags, shoes, jewelry and many girly things. Download the template here.

47. Shopping Is My Life
Dear shoppaholic, this is the perfect template for your shopping blog. Share your shopping tips, shopping experience, product review, or anything about you and your personal story. You also can use this as online shop template, but sorry no gallery or shopping cart feature here. Cute girl in front of store hold her shopping bag represent your shopping interest. Two columns layout with soft pastel color and stripe background, all in one is free for you. Download the template here.

48. Store V2, Best Online Store
Best Blogger template online store 2011 ever made. Designed by Rifki from, published on Oom's site, this Blogger store built with complete features. Designed clean, fresh, simple supported with online store script especially shopping cart features. What the features of Blogger Store v2 ? 1. SimpleCart.js v2.2.2. This template still using SimpleCart.js v.2.2.2 by The Wojo Group. Download the template here.

49. Shoes Online Shop
This is another series of Online Shop blogger template. If you need Baby, Kids, Toddler online store blogger template, click here. Shoes Online Shop, suitable for your shoes gallery blog or shoes online store. Attract your customer by this simple but feminine template. I choose dark red to dark purple color. Classic background pattern graphic and as usual woman with her shoes and shopping bag. Download the template here.

50. Baby Online Store
Dear friends, This is my planning :D creating some online store or online shop blogger template. Nowadays, blog not only as personal diary media but also online store. Mostly, Work at Home Mom, sell using blog. And most of them sell baby,kids,toddler,children clothes and accesories. That's why I create this Baby Online Store Blogger Template. This template come with gallery concept, so you can show. Download the template here.

51. Baby Shop
Introducing, my another baby template. Baby Shop Blogger template, suitable for baby shop blog, baby clothes blog, baby blog, etc. Featuring unique header and footer image. Download the template here.

52. Shopping Bag
As its name, Shopping Bag Blogger Template, suitable for online shopping blog. This template is simply but colorful. Recommended Product Featured make it possible to show your best product. Template Description : Three column Adsense ready Product Featured Automatic thumbnail and readmore Work in all major browser Auto alignment post. Download the template here.

53. Shoppaholic
Just as its name, Shoppaholic Blogger template, dedicated to girl/woman who love shopping. The template feature, girlie image header and lower section. No need complicated setting, you can customize navigation menu to your own link. Template name : Shoppaholic Best Viewed on : IE 8, Opera, Firefox, Seamonkey, Safari Remind to keep the footer link intact. Download the template here.

54. Wedding Dress
Have a wedding blog? Talk about wedding, bridal, wedding ceremony, wedding tips, and many more? Maybe this template is suitable for you.Simple color, with beautiful woman on wedding dress, 3 columns layout. Download the template here.

55. Fashionzine Pink
Fashionzine blogger template, dedicated for fashion and style blog. 3 columns, clean, pink and ads ready suits your fashion magazine blog. Download the template here.

56. Cosmetic Girl
As its name, Cosmetic Girl is a feminine blogger template. Its girl illustration at the header make this template really suits your beauty, fashion, cosmetic, make up, even personal diary blog. Download the template here.

57. Yoga Girl Health
At last, after such a long long time, here's new blogger template. Simple but it's suitable for your health blog. Dominated with pink and purple color, and sweet yoga girl as header image. Download the template here.

58. Romantic Dinner
Blogger Template Romantic Dinner, couple theme series. Pink, love, heart, suitable for romantic couple. Share your love story, lovable moment to your friend on your blog, and make them excited with your blog appearance. Two columns, fixed background, cute graphic header blog. Download the template here.

59. Couple At Garden
Another couple theme series, I call this Couple at a garden blogger template. Dominated with green color, simple 2 layouts, suitable for your personal diary blog. Download the template here.

60. Cycling Couple in Love
Another love theme blogger template. Dominated with sweet purple color, simple layouts, and cycling couple in love as header blog graphic. I also use custom font for post title and sidebar title, such a girly font I guess :D Use this for your online diary blog, share your love story, sweet or bitter, or you want to tell to someone you love. Download the template here.

61. Love Cafe

Celebrating Valentines with this Love template series? It's for you my readers, especially a teenage blogger that usually share their love story on their blog. Not my age anymore :D You can download the Love Story template on my previous post too. And this is Love Cafe free blogger template, for personal blog. Simple, clean, and cute korean graphics as header image. Enjoy it. Download the template here.

62. Teen Love Story

Free template for teen, Teen Love Story free blogger template. Simple, clean, but romantic cute header make this template easy to customize too. I like kawaii and korean illustration, so cute and adorable. And you can apply it on your personal blog. Write about your daily life and love story. Enjoy it. Please read How to install template carefully. Download the template here.


63. I Love Traveling
New free blogspot template especially for traveling blog. Simple layout with no crowded graphics only "girl in the car ready for traveling" as header graphic. I choose a pastel color, pink, yellow, #e95875, and brown color. I combine handdrawn graphic and handwriting font, result an online diary for traveller. Preview the template here and download XML file her. Download the template here.

64. Travel Journal
Do you love traveling? Creating travel blog to share your journey story? You can use this blogger template. Designed clean and ads ready so you can write story and earn money. Download the template here.

These are not my original work, but if you need help in the customization, please send me a message and I'll do my best.

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