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White Clean Magazine
Introducing new template for business blog. This template designed 3 columns, ads ready, simple, not heavy load. You can set your ads on sidebar, header right, and also 125x125 banner ads. Demo | Setting | Download For complete installation setting go to author's site. ------------------------------------------------- THE CONTENTS OF THIS TEMPLATE IS MADE BY CEBONG IPIET. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL.

WoodMag Blogger Template, as its name, this template has wood background. Designed well and ads ready. Suitable both personal and business blog. Demo | Download Featured Three column Tested in majoring browser Ads ready Automatic readmore Three column lower section etc Installation Setting 1. Install Download xml file Save to your desktop Go to blogger dashboard, open Edit HTML, click upload.

Not Magazine
As its name, Blogger Template Not Magazine 4 Column, whatever you said its magazine style or not :D , have 4 column. Click on post title and post section will be wider and left column disappear. You can put recent post widget or news reel widget on left column section. Here's the screenshoot PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD FeatureLayout 4 column and 3 column at lower section Adsense ready Social Bookmarks icon.

Blue Glide
Introducing my new blogger template, Blue Glide Blogger Template. This template has glide feature for image gallery slideshow. Suitable for personal, portfolio, photo blog. Work on major browser including IE. Here's the screenshoot. You can preview and download it freely READ THIS INSTRUCTION SETTING CAREFULLY How to Upload? - Download xml file and save. Click download link above. Remember to

Introducing my new blogger template, Gadget Blog Template. As its name, this template suitable for gadget and technology blog, discussing about phone, ipod, notebook, and another gadget. Template Information: Three Column Three Column at lower section Ads Ready Gadget product featured Automatic readmore and thumbnail Work in all major browser You can preview and download here How to Upload? Download.

Do you like minimalist design for your blogger template? I guess this two simple blogger template is suitable for you. Deluxetemplates has released two simple blogger template called Think Simple and 2Plus. Here's the screenshoot2PlusThink SimpleJust go to author's site to get this simple but professional looks template.&nb.

Black Nero
As its name, Black Nero blogger template is my another dark template. Dominated black, grey, and dark color, added light green color for variation. This template is adsense ready. I've set all adsense placement. Compatible on all newest browser version. you can preview and download here Name : Black NeroAuthor : IpietFeatured : 3 column, adsense readyCompatible : all major browser Setting and Installation.

Introducing, my new blogger template design, Reflection Blogger Template. Suitable for your artwork, artfolio, design portfolio blogs. Dominated black,white, and blue color, plus slide featured for showing your great artwork.You can check preview and download this templateInstallation SettingsJavascript SettingUpload all javascript and image (I've attached on download folder) to your own hosting.

Here's my new design, D'Bluez Blogger Template, inspiring from FREEmium Wordpress Theme. Simply but elegant and unique. This template has two difference looks of main post. Click on post title, and you'll get two column looks.Term of Use- You may use, modify, but do not remove credit footer link- You may redistribute it, but not allowed to add any link- You may post it, in reminder give link back.

Simplicity 4 Column Blogger Template, have 4 column at mainpage and become 3 column when you click the post. Simple, have no many image, do not worry about heavy loading. From Minima Template, default blogger template and converted to 4 column by Kang Jaloee. I just make a lil bit customization ;) , thanks for not removing credit footer. This template is suitable for news blog, you can put feed.

Blak Magik
Dark wooden Wordpress theme called Blak Magik, designed by Mr Gopal from Productive Dreams. I always admire unique design. I've converted it to blogger template. Here's the screenshootSetting and installationGo to Setting>Formatting>Timestamp FormatChoose this format, example : Sunday, 28 February 2009. Go to Layout>Edit HTML. Check on Expand Widget Template checkbox Header Setting Preparing.

Black Brown Art
Here's another modification of dark brown template. Three column with art header. No special setting, upload it and voila hope it's work ^_^. Special for Seamos Realistas, thanks for your suggestion. Here for you. [PREVIEW] | [DOWNLOAD] UPDATED March 23 20.

Black Brown Pop
Here is the sequel (what a sequel is? lol) of my first two column dark brown template. Thanks for appreciating my first template and for the correction. I make a three column style, based on personal theme. No special setting requirements. [PREVIEW] | [DOWNLOAD] Any question, suggestion, just leave comment here. UPDATED March 23 20.

Torn Paper
PREVIEW] | [DOWNLOAD] This template is converted from wordpress theme. I love simple layout so I convert this theme to blogger template. Very easy to customize. No need to upload anything. General Information : Converted from Wordpress theme (see the credit footer) 3 column Personal blog Photo author and numbering commen.
Blue Revo
Introducing my new blogger template, adopted from revolutiontwo WP themes and I convert it to magazine style. At first I add slide show, but I decide to remove it, maybe for next template. Easy to customize, simple navigation bar. [PREVIEW] | [DOWNLOAD.

Hi, This is my new design. I love green so much, feel so fresh. You can place your banner. Just change the code with your banner code. See the comment form, setting for author photo comment, and funny emoticon. If you don't like an emoticon, just remove javascript code. For more question, leave your comment here.

Blue World
Are you blue lover? This is my three column template. So simply but strong color. [PREVIEW] | [DOWNLOA... 

Hi, My new design. I love this one, suitable for personal blog. You must see the comment form. I give author photo and numbering comments. Download it freely. [PREVIEW] | [DOWNLOA...

Blue Magz
This is my another free blogger template. Blue, Three column. It's so simple so make your blog loading faster. See that unique calendar icon. You can replace ads banner. At the comment body, have a different color, owner and visitor comment. Attention : set your Date header format to mm.dd.yyyy [PREVIEW] | [DOWNLOA...

Dark Brown
UPDATED!!! This is my own blogger template. Suitable for personal blog. This template so simple. There's no many image so this template will load faster. [PREVIEW] | [DOWNLOAD] Make some adjustment. Go to Setting>Formatting> Timestamp Format and choose format Thursday, February 4 2009. To change menu bar, just change with your own url. Contact me for more question. For three columns version,..

This is not my own design. This Curved Templates designed by Just Skin and converted to bloggger by Francisco . The original template is two column only have one sidebar at the right. And then I convert it to 3 columns so I just add one sidebar beside the old one. I really love that baby blue template, so cute, calm. There's no many detail really simple suitable for personal blog.And this is te result.


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