30 Free Video Blogger Templates

We have prepared a list of awesome Blogger templates for video blogs so your search stops here. We have hand-picked all the templates that we can find online into a single page so it’s easy for you to find whatever it is that you are looking for. With all the items we have listed here your video blog will be running in no time. So look no more and let’s get started.
New 2016 Premium Video Tube Blog Themes – 5 Premium and 30 FREE templates

1. A Responsive VideoTube – WordPress Theme


2.Premium Video Snaptube –  Wordpress Theme

snaptube         Demo  

3. Powerful VideoMag –  WordPress Theme


4. Video WordPress Blog Viduze 


5. Video Press Premium Press

videopress Demo

Free Templates

1. VideoBox

Demo                     Download
I think this is the coolest blogger templates for a video blog that has been recently released. The design is great, it’s flawless and it’s free. It’s a two column layout with a right sidebar. It has a featured video section just below fold and latest videos are tiled on gallery style. There is so much that you can do with this theme so go ahead and try it.

2. Next Video

Demo                     Download
So we have another template here for you guys. This theme is dark and it’s prefect for your video blogs specially if you are running movie or game trailers. It has one right sidebar and a featured post slider. This blogger template has been adopted from WordPress.

3. B Tube Video Template

B Tube Video Template
Demo                     Download
Here is another popular blogger template for a video blog. This theme is quite awesome. It supports automatic video posting via YouTube video’s. It also generates its own video thumbnail that is different from what YouTube has. The theme also complies with AdSense guidelines.

4. Videoism Blogger

Demo                     Download
Here is a fresh blogger template from Templateism.com. Videoism blogger template has been released earlier this year. The theme will allow you to create a blog or website that supports video hosting. This is a perfect theme is you want your blog to be a video portal. The theme has a professional look too. So it’s good.

5. Johny Tubeprett

Johny Tubeprett
Demo                     Download
Maskolis has yet again released a series a template for video blogs on blogger. This one is called Johny Tubeprett. This theme will allow you to post videos hosted on YouTube.com. It’s packed with features that you will need including a featured slider, clean design,and elegant look.

6. Johny Crottube

Johny Crottube
Demo                     Download
Johny Crottube is a dark version of the above template. It also supports YouTube video posts now with a left sidebar. It has an elegant design with a dark background.

7. Johny Jazzytube

johny Jazzytube
Demo                     Download
Johny Jazzytube is a third version of the template we have above. This has a cleaner look with a black background. The theme is ad ready, supports YouTube videos with thumbnail and social media interaction. Template has a right sidebar.

8. Video Tek

Video Tek
Demo                     Download
Video Tek is created for media contents. With this theme you can easily post videos, audio, images and texts. Why not put them all together in a single post and create great content. This theme is built for that. This theme has a right sidebar. You can also put icons on your header.

9. Video Blog

Video Blog
Demo                     Download
Video Blog is perfect is you will be reviewing videos or movies. The template is ads ready with both left and right sidebar. Your content is displayed on two columns in gallery style. The theme has dark and blue background creating a cool effect.

10. iMovies

Demo                     Download
This blogger template is perfect if you are looking for a minimalist design on your video blog. iMovies is dark and it’s perfect if you want to blog about movie reviews, game reviews or anything about videos. The theme has both left and right sidebars.

11. VTube

V Tube
Demo                     Download
VTube is a dark blogger template that is built for those who blogs on movie and video trailers. This has a right sidebar and has 2 and 3 column layout. The them has a fixed width and a clean design.

12. Simplex Blogger

Simplex Tube
Demo                     Download
Simplex Blogger Template is another theme that best to showcase your best videos. The theme supports video from different video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo and many others. Also has a nice slider with post tittle and snippet. If you are looking for an awesome video blogger theme then this thing is for you.

13. YouBlog

Demo                     Download
YouBlog Blogger Template is a magazine style theme for a video blog. It looks clean, elegant and really nice to look at. The theme is intentionally created for a video blog and it has 2 columns lay out. Videos are shown with a thumbnail and in gallery style. You can post videos from YouTube  using this theme.

14. Video

Demo                     Download
Video Blogger Template is another theme that has been designed for a video blog. The theme is created so you can post videos from YouTube. The theme has a dark background and it comes with a two column layout.

15. Blogger Tube V4

Demo                     Download
Blogger Tube V4 is the fourth of it’s kind from a popular blogger template for video blogs. This one has a white background and orange color for it’s buttons. This theme has a featured slider and video thumbnails. It also got a right sidebar.

16. Blogger Tube V3

bloggertube v3
Demo                     Download
This is a dark version of the former template. The theme has some basic and useful features that you need on your blog. This is also ads ready when you need to monetize your blog.

17. Blogtube

Demo                     Download
Blogtube is a YouTube style blogger template. If you like how YouTube looks way back on it’s infancy period then this theme is for you. It also has a gray background and has three columns with a left and right sidebars.

18. Blogger Tube V1

Bloggertube v1
Demo                     Download
This is the first version of Blogger Tube for video blogs on blogger. The template has a dark and gray background. It has a red background for the menu bars. Videos on this theme will show with tittle and number of comments. It ha a wide featured video section above the fold.

19. VideoScene

Demo                     Download
This theme is one of my personal favorite. In this theme you can post videos and other media along with your text so it will be good thing to have if you like to review movie and game trailers. The theme has three columns and a dark background. It’s also ads ready.

20. TrendyTube

Trendy Tube
Demo                     Download
TrendyTube is another YouTube inspired blogger template. It’s simple elegant and looks like you are actually using YouTube but actually you are on your own blog. Theme has right sidebar, gray background and supports videos hosted in YouTube.

21. VideoZone

Video Zone
Demo                     Download
VideoZone is a dark blogger template which you could use if you are blogging about movie reviews or game reviews. I know this theme looks elegant

22.  Videofication

Demo                     Download
This blogger template is called Videofication. This has a clean design and has a simple two columns layout. The theme has a right sidebar and posts comes up with thumbnail and snippet. This is a good template to start with your blog so enjoy the theme.

23. Diavlo


Demo                     Download
Diavlo is a Blogger template made for video blogs. The theme has been adopted from WordPress and it looks really good and clean. You can a lot of designing on this theme. It’s quite cool.

24. Hector

Demo                     Download
Hector Blogger template is something that we have featured before. This is a multi-purpose theme that supports all kinds of media. You can use this theme on your video blog using Blogger platform. With just a few customization you can make this template as your own.

25.  Vasiliki

Demo                     Download
Vasiliki is a free Blogger template that is perfect for your video blog. This theme has an elegant design with two columns layout and a left sidebar. It also looks clean and is ads ready.

26. Johny Tampan

 Johny Tampan
Demo                     Download
Remember the three Johny templates we have above? We are not done yet because this blogger template come from it’s kind. This is a dark colored theme which is perfect if you are blogging about movie reviews. This theme has also two columns and has a left sidebar.

27. Vina Entertainment

Demo                     Download
This is our first premium or paid blogger template on this list. This is Vina Entertainment. The theme can be used for your video blog. But this is also perfect for your gaming blog. The theme is really nice with a clean design. You have three columns here with both left and right sidebars.

28. The Firestorm

 the firestorm
Demo                    Download
The Firestorm is a responsive Blogger theme from Theme Forest. This theme is created for all kinds of media. So your video blog will look great with this theme. Check out the theme by clicking on the demo link.

29.  Windy Mountains

Demo                     Download
Windy Mountains Blogger Template has also been featured in one of our older lists. It’s a powerful theme that can be used in many niches and that includes your Blogger video blog. It’s quite a nice theme that you could try. Go and try this one now.

30. Festzeit


Demo                     Download
Our last Blogger template for video blogs is called Festzeit. This is an all powerful theme for your blog. It supports all kinds of media and you can post videos hosted on third party video hosts or from your own host. It has a gray background and has two column layout with right sidebar.

So there you have it 30 awesome blogger templates for video blogs. We don’t own these themes all credits belongs to respective theme authors. For free versions lets try to keep the credit links intact in support for all the designers hard work. If you need support for these themes we can give assistance or direct you to the right person or page that could answer your query. Just leave your comments below.

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