50 Free Fashion Blog Templates

 1. Indie Designer

Indie Designer
Demo               Download
First off we want to present a theme from Templates Block. This beautiful and girly Blogger template is just perfect for your fashion blog. The theme is simple has fixed with and two columns with a left sidebar layout. You can start your blog using this theme and we are sure it will turn out really great.

2. Fashion Press Lite

Fashion Press Lite
Demo                 Download
Fashion Press Lite is another dark and purple Blogger theme perfect for your fashion blog. This elegant looking template is simple one with two columns and right sidebar layout. Theme has ready social media icons which you can easily use. This is ready for you to install on your blog.

3. Fashion Store

Pinky Fashion Store
Demo                 Download
Now we have this theme which you can use on your fashion blog. This is called Fashion store. Now if you want to feature some fashion items like bags, clothes, hats, shoes or any girly ideas you have in mind. This is the best theme for you.

4. Women Shoes

Womens Shoes
Demo                 Download
Women’s Shoes is a theme made specially for you ladies. We know how you love shoes and you want t blog about shoes and your shoe collection. It can’t be better be done with this cute and fashionable theme. Theme has a beautiful and clean design with gorgeous header image which you can change of course but you might want to keep it because it’s really nice.

5. Fashion City

Fashion City
Demo                 Download
 This Blogger template utilizes jQuery for top navigation menu. It also has a nice image slider. The theme has two columns and one right sidebar. It has some nice background image and white background for the main blog column.

6. Lugas

Demo                 Download
Lugas is a responsive Blogger template which is best for fashion or photography blog. I know this will be an awesome theme we have featured this theme before.

7. Pinfinity

Demo                 Download
Here is another theme which also appears on other posts we had. This is Pinfinity a theme that is inspired by Pinterest. It’s a clean theme with a pin board like design. Best to  present your fashion ideas and fashion picks.

8. Sexy Pin Up 2

Pin Up 2
Demo                 Download
This theme is really hot, gorgeous and just plain beautiful. If you will be blogging about lingerie, women’s intimate clothing, and anything similar then you will find this pin-up inspired theme. Go ahead and enjoy the theme we got.

9. G-Fashions

Demo                 Download
G- Fashion is a clean and beautiful Blogger theme for your fashion blog. This is a responsive theme so it adopts to screen size where it’s being viewed. Theme has a working contact form, and social media integration too.

10. Modern Blog

Modern Blog
Demo                 Download
 Modern Blog is not only for fashion blog but it can also be used on any design inspired theme blog like architecture and any niche you want. We have included this theme to our list because it’s quite impressive. Clean and sleek design, great features and simply beautiful to look at.

11. Rocket

Demo                 Download
Rocket is a theme from Sora Templates. We have several themes from this designer. This theme has three column with left and right sidebars. It also has a good feature image slider that looks great on your blog.

12. Accord

Demo                 Download
We have another responsive Blogger template that is fit for your fashion blog. This theme is great with a nice clean and white background.

13. The Style

Demo                 Download
If you want your fashion blog to look vintage and really stunning then you will love TheStyle. This is also a responsive theme with a dark background.

14. Alyeska

Demo                 Download
This is the first version of Alyeska Blogger template. This has a blue background with a carousel image slider on the header. Posts are presented on gallery type and it looks really good.

15. Alyeska II

Demo                Download
The second version of this theme is called Alyeska II. This time we have a 2 column layout with a right sidebar. The theme has a big image slider just under the top navigation bar. Theme looks cute, and very girly indeed.

16. London Creative

Demo                 Download
London Creative is a multi purpose theme so we are adding it to this collection. This theme can really bring out the best on your blog. The combined yellow and dark color scheme makes the blog look really powerful.

17. Magnificent

Demo                 Download
Magnificent is a clean and minimalist design for your fashion blog. The theme has three columns layout with a left and right sidebar. It also has an image slider to present your best images. The theme has social media integration which includes a Facebook box to show off your Facebook fan page.

18. Cherry Truffle

Cherry Truffle
Demo                 Download
I like this theme, the combined dark brown and light brown effect is really great. Theme has fixed width with both top navigation and page navigation buttons. It also has a good header image feature. This theme is Adsense ready so all you need to do is place your codes.

19. x10 Masonry Dark

x10 massionry dark
Demo                 Download
x10 Masonry is a unique and responsive Blogger theme. This dark background template is so powerful and can be used on any niche especially for your fashion blog. I would recommend this theme if you want to have a gothic inspired theme for your blog. Thinking on putting up a gothic inspired fashion blog? This theme is what you need.

20. Fashion

Demo                 Download
Fashion is Blogger theme made specially for fashion, style, design and inspiration. This has a clean look with two column layout and right sidebar. The theme has image slider on top with a blue and white background too.

21. Starlite Diva

Starlite Diva
Demo                 Download
Starlite Diva Blogger theme is another one of my favorite. I like this three column and two right sidebar layout. The pink background makes the them looks really lovely and girly.

22. Single 2

Single 2
Demo                 Download
 Single 2 is another simple yet powerful Blogger theme for fashion blogs made by Templates Block. The theme has two columns layout and a right sidebar. It has a nice header image and a spiral bound notebook design for posts or main blog page.

23. Fashion Trends

fashion trends
Demo                 Download
Need a theme with a dark ground? Check Fashion Trends Blogger template. The theme has been converted from WordPress, it has white background for main blog column and pink for menu and navigation bar. This creates a white and clean design for your blog.

24. Fashion Templates

fashion template
Demo                 Download
Fashion Templates is one of those Blogger themes made specially for fashion blogging purposes. This theme has white and pink color scheme so it looks clean. It has three columns layout with both left and right sidebar.

25. Femina

Demo                 Download
Femina is another theme for all lady bloggers out there. There is a clone version from the same author which is Femina Magazine. I think I like this one better. It’s both magazine style theme but this has more features and easy to navigate as well.

26. eSpecial

Demo                 Download
eSpecial is a dark Blogger theme best for any niche. But then again you can also use this theme on your fashion blog. Best suit your gothic or urban inspired fashion taste.

27. FashionPress

Fashion Press
Demo                 Download
Fashion Press has great typography and design. If you are looking for a fashion Blogger template that focuses on your blog posts rather than on your design then you might want to heck this theme. This is also ads ready theme so be ready to rock!

28. Celebrity Mag

Celebrity Mag  
Demo                 Download
 Celebrity Mag is a great theme for all lady bloggers looking for a girly Blogger template. The design is clean with a white background for the main blog and over all black background.

29. Faustina

Demo                 Download
Faustina is just a fantastic theme which you can use on your blog. It has an elegant and enchanting background image making the theme looks really beautiful. Check out the demo link to see this theme in action.

30. Pinterest Clone

Pinterest Clone 
Demo                 Download
 Looking for a Pinterest Clone blogger theme? We have exactly what you need here. Tty this theme that looks exactly like Pinterest only that it’s on Blogger and it’s yours.

31. Cosmetic Girl

Cosmetic Girl
Demo                 Download

32. Fashionzine Pink

Fashionzine Pink
Demo                 Download

33. Fashion Blog

Fashion Blog
Demo                 Download

34. Casual Affair

casual affair
Demo                 Download

35. Shoppica

Demo                 Download

36.  Francesca

Demo                 Download

37. Pretty Theme

Pretty Theme
Demo                 Download

37. SimpleXpink

Demo                 Download

38. Metro Classic

Demo                 Download

39. Sensational

Demo                 Download

40. Fashion Style

Demo                 Download

41. Fashionista

Demo                 Download

42. Your Fashion Your Way

your fashion your way
Demo                 Download

43. D & G Fashion

D G Fashion
Demo                 Download

44. Fashion Girl

Fashion Girl
Demo                 Download

45. Fashion Pro

Demo                 Download

46.  Fashion Pink

Demo                 Download

47. Fashionable

Demo                 Download

48. MaxMag

Demo                 Download

49. MegaMag

Demo                 Download

50. Dazzling

Demo                 Download
Are you running a fashion blog on Blogger and you want to share your theme with us? Do you know a great Blogger fashion theme which we did not mention here? SPeak your mind and share your great idea to us and all our readers by commenting below.

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