SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

From October 1st, on-arrival PCR / antigen testing will no longer be required when traveling to Korea. This means that no testing is required to travel to Korea at all.

Indoor mask mandates and mandatory 7 day quarantine for infected travelers are the final pandemic-related travel restrictions still in place in Korea now.

AUGUST 31, 2022

From September 3rd, pre-departure PCR / antigen testing before traveling to South Korea is no longer necessary. Travelers can fly to South Korea without any testing.

All travelers can travel to South Korea quarantine-free, as long as they pass a PCR test. Unvaccinated travelers to South Korea will no longer need to self-quarantine for 7 days.

This South Korea Travel Guide is updated regularly, so be check back if you plan to travel to Korea in the future and want to know the latest travel restrictions for Korea. 


From September 30th, 2022 travelers no longer need to complete a pre-departure or on-arrival PCR / RAT test, no longer need to self quarantine on-arrival (since April 1st, 2022), and no longer need to show vaccination status. If you’re suspected of infection when you arrive (high temperature, feverish signs), you may be asked to take a PCR test. PCR tests are now free for travelers suspected of being COVID-19 positive within the first 3 days of arrival.

Vaccination status doesn’t affect your right to travel to South Korea in any way.


You must wear a face mask in all indoor public places and on public transportation. However, you don’t need to wear a face mask outdoors at all. Travelers to Korea should follow the current restrictions or may be liable for fines or deportation. If you’re confirmed as infected with COVID-19, you should self-isolate in your hotel for 7 days or until you receive a negative PCR test.