What it means to love...

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."
What is love? How would you know if you are in love? How does it feel to be in love?  These are the questions that keep on bugging me ever since I can remember.

Most people say love is a very complicated thing, others will disagree. Some say that you'll never know when a love bug hits you.  And you can never tell how it feels, only that it feels good. I have never been in love before so I don't know how complicated it really is.

And I know even if time comes that I finally find my love, I will never be able to figure it out…probably no one ever did. During our lunch break at work, this is one of our favorite topics.  I always have these questions..."How would you know if you're in love? How does it feel to be in love?" No one can really answer me or even give me an idea.

But I'm kind of a dreamer and hoping to find a perfect love.  But why look or wait for the perfect love if you already found your love with all the impurities and imperfections? Why not try to accept what you have and nurture it to become perfect?
Who wouldn't want perfect love...if there really were one? I can see people around me, may parents, my sister and her husband, my brother and his wife, my friends and I can say that there's really no perfect love. People make the love perfect by being with each other, support each other and accept one another.

Loving doesn't really mean giving up everything, it means sharing everything. Lovers must not just give nor take, they should share. 
One must not give up when the going get tough, but rather, share the burden and find ways to make it through.  Must not take time to give love, but find time to share the love.

I haven't been in love before, but maybe that's the reason why -- I need to find the one that I can share my love and life with…might take too long, but I'm willing to wait.

So don't look for the perfect person. Look for the right person who'll love your imperfections...and in return accept his or her imperfections.


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