Ilocos Norte is a one of the provinces in the Philippines where you will find beautiful and natural tourist attractions. Laoag, being the capital offers some of those attractions. The Spaniards called the region “Ylocos” from the word “looc” (sheltered coves) where the locals lived in harmony. That later became “Ilocos” & the people from Ylocanos to “Ilocanos”. Ilocos was split into two provinces: Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur due to the increasing population and an effort to gain more political control. Ilocos was freed from the abusive power of the Spaniards with the help of Diego Silang a native of Pangasinan. His wife Josefa Gabriela, popularly known as Garbriela Silang, when he was killed, continued his fight.
The founder of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente or Aglipay is a native of Ilocos. Gregorio Aglipay established Aglipay that helped restore the self-respect of many Filipinos.
If Ilocos Sur was known for the Crisologos, the Ilocos Norte is for the Marcoses. The former Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos is a native of Ilocos Norte. He led an authoritarian ruler of the country during his term. I was not born yet when the Martial Law happened so I can't say anything about what happened, however, you will hear a lot of different opinions depending on people's political views. Their family is still serving the local government and still popular.
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Unlike the neighboring province, Ilocos Norte is blessed with a lot of beautiful and unforgettable sites to discover. If you are planning on visiting Ilocos Norte, make sure you have a lot of time, so you'll enjoy to the fullest and see a lot of tourist attractions. It's very far from Manila, but the travel is all worth it, I promise you that! :) Just keep in mind that since Ilocos is on the higher ground, the sun is really painful on the skin if you are not careful.



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