Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Also located at Burgos, Ilocos Norte, just a few minutes from the lighthouse is the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. A beautiful yet delicate formation created by the forces of the ocean.

Kapurpurawan was derived from the word "Puraw" which means, "White"; it perfectly suited the creamy-white color of the formation.

The color of the sea and the sky in Ilocos Norte never fails to amaze me.  They really are a perfect color of blue, green & white. I was so amazed that I had to have my picture taken with the sea as my background.
When we went there it's almost noon and there are lots of people around. So if you are planning on going there, best to go early in the morning to avoid the harsh sun and the crowd.  Otherwise, make sure to bring an umbrella and bottled water and a lot of patience.
From the drop-off point it takes about 15 to 20 minute walk, depends on how fast you can walk. You won't be bored, though, because the view along the way is amazing. I've seen some locals with a horse so I guess you can also ride a horse if you don't want to walk.
The formation is best viewed in broad daylight, when the sun makes it look like a crystallized powder. Summer is the best time to go there so you can fully enjoy the view.  It was summer when we went there, but the waves are kind of big already, so how much more if it's a rainy season.
Walking under the hot sun is all worth it when we arrived at the site.  I never had seen other rock formations as beautiful as this, so for me this is really amazing. The wonder of God's creations!
I've seen old pictures of the rock formation and I can tell that there's a big difference of how it looked like back then.  Probably because of the typhoon or the people who visited.  People used to climb the formation but due to vandalism and the fragility, it's now prohibited.
Opposite to the white-fine sand near the formation, the seashore around the area is rocky. And I didn't see anyone who dares to take a swim.  When you visit the formation, make sure to explore around.  The best spot for taking pictures is at the other side of the formation.
We had a car when we visited, but you can hire a van in Ilocos Norte for a day tour including Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. You can also hire a tricycle to get to Kapurpurawan. It's really different when you see it for yourself, the most visited tourist attraction, and the jewel of Ilocos Norte.


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